Bathroom Design Ideas: Tiles, Tiles, and Tiles

Tiles never goes out of style if you ever want to put one in your bathroom. They are easy to clean and mostly waterproof, so aside from being pleasant in the eye, tiles can be practical too. If you want to make your bathroom a bit stylish, though, you cannot just put tiles ignorantly. I have seen a lot of people putting tiles the way they wanted, without even following the basic rules of tiling, and it is very bad. I cannot stand a badly decorated bathroom. I was utterly disgusted by the way those people put tiles and that is one of the reason I cannot stand public bathrooms here in Indonesia (but if I really need to go then I will go. No point in holding it back, right?).

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Many tiled public bathrooms in Indonesia are badly designed, and there is one simple reason for it: the types and the colours of the tiles does not match with each other. I mean, you put dark brown tiles for the floor and white tiles for the walls? Come on, mate. That is a combination that will never do. I mean, it is practical sure, but there is no aesthetic to it.

You may think me a snob for saying those words, but I like myself a well-designed bathroom. A bathroom is the place where you can relax, the place where you can soak yourself in warm water after that tiring day at work. How can I relax if there is a clear problem in my bathroom?

I am sorry for being like this, but what I am saying is half-true. A serene bathroom can give you the added relaxation you need; a badly designed bathroom would not. I am writing this for a reason: so that you will not have a badly designed bathroom that can ruin your mojo. Here are a few little example of tile bathroom ideas:

The colours

Do not ever opt for contrasting tile colour for your bathroom. White and watery blue will go well together; white and black or brown or any ‘dark’ colour will not. If you want to add some ‘darkness’ to your bathroom, make sure that the white coloured tiles does not get overburdened by the dark one. You will want your bathroom to look as pristine as possible and lighter colours will help you do just that.

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The pattern

Always consider this when you are cutting tiles for your bathroom: will it end well? You can cut your tiles in a different shapes and sizes; just do not make it look like it separated from the walls. If your walls and tiles are conflicting, why not take it to the next level and diminish the competition altogether? Make it feel like the tiles used for the flooring and the wall are connected.

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