Bathroom Curtain Ideas: The Key for a Refreshing Bathroom

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms of a house. A house without it cannot be called a house. A bathroom is the room where we can have relaxation and hide from the world for a moment. Activities in a bathroom are so private that most normal people do those activities alone. Having curtains in a bathroom can be the key to fulfill these private needs. In general, there are many functions of curtains, such as:

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The functions of curtains in general:

– To prevent loud noises coming to a room.

– To save energy both in hot and cold weather. When it is hot, then the Air Conditioner will work well with curtains covering windows and doors. When it is cold, then the heater will also work well with curtains covering the windows.

– To prevent stupid people from peeking you and your family doing activities.

– To give decoration to boring windows or glass doors.

– Etc.

You can see how important curtains are in rooms including bathrooms. In a bathroom, curtains can be used for covering the windows, covering the area of shower and bath tub, covering even a dry open bathroom with no doors. The materials should be the ones that water-proof especially the ones for covering shower and bath tub areas. Take a look at the ideas of bathroom curtains below:

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Ideas for Bathroom Curtains:

1. Consider white curtain for bathroom windows with panel and valance with white floral design. The bathroom with this kind of curtain will look so fresh and clean.

2. Consider blue window curtain tier pair for your bathroom window. The blue color will fit the crystal color of water. The fresh feeling will come to you when you go inside your bathroom.

3. Consider a curtain for shower area or bath tub that is colorful and floral in design. The fabric is water-proof for sure.

4. Consider white curtain with big colorful polka dot design for your open bathroom that functions as a partition to separate it from other room.

5. Consider a transparent curtain with little decoration below curtain part to cover your bath tub or shower.

6. Consider simple solid color curtains for windows, bath tub, and shower. Solid colors are always interesting. Make sure the color goes well with the bathroom tones.

Remember, curtains can make your bathroom look cramped or large, so the most important thing is that you choose the best for your bathroom. A bathroom is supposed to be the place for you to hide from the world for a moment, right? It should be refreshing and relaxing. How can this happen if the bathroom looks so stressing with too big or too colorful curtain? Hopefully this article about bathroom curtain ideas will get you inspired of making your bathroom one of the most refreshing places in your house. Good Luck!

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