Basic Tile Floor Patterns for Showcasing Floor

Floor becomes the important element for the house. It has crucial function for supporting the whole function of the house. However, we can make sure that the floor also has important role for supporting the look of the house. Every homeowner surely wants to have a house which is not only comfortable but also beautiful. The choice of the flooring material will influence this purpose greatly. Choosing tile can be great idea for creating the comfortable and convenience flooring. It will also be great investment for beautiful living place. From several things which should be considered when choosing tile flooring for home, people have to make sure that they also consider about the tile floor patterns. People can showcase the floor by using some of these basic patterns.

Elegant Bathroom Using Black and White Stripe Tile Floor Patterns

Straight Lay

People can find various methods for laying the tile into different patterns. Nevertheless, it does not mean that people will not get the beautiful result when they choose the simplest pattern for tile installation. The simplest choice must be the straight lay. It can be simple but it is able to showcase the beauty of the tile.


Another tile pattern which can be considered is diagonal lay. For this tile pattern, the tile will be set on 45 degrees angle. It will be useful for adding interest to the floor. With this tile pattern, people will be able to make the floor look expansive.

Running Bond

Running bond actually is the basic layout of the tile. This tile pattern is also called as offset or brick pattern. The tiles will be offset by the half of the tile width. It is pretty common method of installing the tile after all.

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From the simplest tile layout which people can use for installing the tile flooring, people can make a little bit twist but it can bring a completely different look for the room. Checkerboard pattern for the tile flooring can be considered. The squares come in two different colors. It will be alternated for creating the beautiful pattern either in straight or diagonal layout.

Diagonal Layout with Dots

If people are bored with the regular diagonal tile layout for their flooring, we can make sure that they should try the diagonal layout with dots. For creating this pattern, the large tiles will be needed. It will be installed and notched with the smaller tiles as accent at the regular intervals. Different effect can be found with this simple difference.

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