Basement Lighting Ideas for the Stairway Area

By | August 14, 2021

The basement lighting ideas must be something to consider well when you build or remodel your home. So you can make the basement area lively and becoming additional living area at house. One of the areas that are often overlooked is the stairway that lead to the basement. Appropriate lighting will improve the safety on this area. You can choose typical lighting such as ceiling lighting fixtures installed at the top and bottom of the stairs, recessed can lights, wall-mounted lighting, or decorative lighting for the stair runners. Make sure you choose UL approved lighting fixtures and follow the safety rules or ask a professional to install the lighting.

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Lighting Fixtures for the Ceiling

Installing a couple of ceiling lighting fixtures; one at the top and one more at the bottom of the stairways, is the most common basement lighting chosen by homeowners. If you only choose a lighting fixture that flushes the ceiling, it will not give enough lighting as you go down the stairs. To make maximal lighting on the stairway, you can choose at least 75 – 100 watt bulb for every lighting fixture.

Wall-Mounted Lighting Fixtures

If you choose wall-mounted lighting fixtures, you can install them easily and help lighting some artwork or colored wall brightly. The sconces or wall lighting fixtures can provide sufficient lights for the basement stairway. You can choose the wall-mounted lighting in elegant or simple designs, or lighting with multiple sockets that can help providing extra light. Evenly space the wall-mounted lightings as the way down the stairway. Place the lighting placement as the stage if the stairway has walls on both sides.

Recessed Can Lights

This type of lighting is more popular at modern homes today as the basement lighting ideas especially the stairway area. These lightings are available in kinds of size and different rings. There are a couple types of can light bulbs, such as spot and flood. Spot lights points the area of light directly and focus on the beam. Meanwhile, the flood lights cover larger area by putting out the wide pattern of light.

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Decorative Lights for Stairway

It is the most popular stairway lighting chosen today. This kind of lighting is commonly installed as long as the stair runner, so that the ways are flushed by the lighting. Most homeowners choose LED lighting for decorative reason. The cheap price, low energy consumption and cool look of the light are the reasons of why they choose this lighting. LED lightings are available in various colors and bright.

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