Basement Bathroom Ideas for Attractive Looking Interior

Many people like to use basement in unusual way now. One of them is making a bathroom. Several basement bathroom ideas are available to adopt to make the space far more attractive. If you are thinking about the same thing, the following ideas may give you enough things to add. Check this out.

Opulent Basement Bathroom With Single Sink and Faucet also Mirror

Keep the Industrial Ceiling

Industrial ceiling is now found on many successful corporate headquarters, you name it. It is considered fun and original. You may need to keep that kind of ceiling. However, you still need to keep the wires tidy and install some more light fixtures down there. If you want to, you can put different shade on it for brighter look.

Rework the Wall

You may want to check on the wall. If you want it to work well for a bathroom, several tiles on one side and other finish on the other side may be needed. You can paint them but tiles and stones are more common for a bathroom. You don’t need to change it drastically. Instead, you can choose materials that should go well with the basement original look, especially when you are tight on budget.

Change Part of the Floor

You don’t need to change the entire floor of your basement. You are going to need small space for shower, and bath tub if you want one, and the rest of the area should be fine with the current floor. However, you may need to check if your current flooring is sufficient to support your activity.

Spacious Basement Bathroom With Visible Shower Area also Wooden Vanity

Play with High Ground Clearance Furniture

Instead of reworking the entire space of the basement, you can keep it original and play with furniture instead. For safe and more convenient option, you should consider higher ground-clearance furniture. It keeps you out of trouble when problem happens, and it gives you clear view on the entire part of the space all the time.

Add More Sections

Instead of building ordinary bathroom, you can make your own private bathroom here down in the basement. You can make a small reading space in there so you can relax. You can also have section with walk-in closet in there. In addition to it, many people like to add decent entertainment system as well in their private bathroom. Why don’t you get one too?

As you can see, there are fun ways to make a nice looking bathroom in your basement without changing too much. In fact, rustic and original looks is in trend right now. However, you still need to work with professional to get it done well. Choose one of basement bathroom ideas that suit your budget and space.

Attractive Cabinet also Mirror and Wall Lamps For Basement Bathroom Ideas

Dainty Shower Area With Curtain Beside Toilet For Basement Bathroom Ideas

Great Basement Bathroom Design With Shower Area also Sink Near Toilet

Hunky Basement Bathroom Ideas Using Narrow Shower Area Beside Toilet

Interesting Basement Bathroom Design With Cabinet also Visible Shower Area

Modern Shower Area Beside Toilet also Wooden Vanity and Mirror

Neat Basement Bathroom Ideas With Showering Area Near Washing Machine

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