Arranging Small Space Furniture in the Living Room

As we know that living room is the center of the part house, and we should make it stay neat and pretty. And this room always full of some furniture, flower, or some photo, but when you have a small space in your living, do you feel stress to arranging your furniture. Of course it sound difficult to arrange furniture in the small space, a large space maybe will help you to arrange it easily.

Fancy Home Office with White Table and Blue Chairs on Green Carpet for Small Space Furniture

Do not worry in this time I will give you some tips to arranging small space furniture in your living room.

How to arrange small space furniture in the living room

This is a few things that you should do to arrange the small space

· Measuring everything in the living room. If you want to plan the location of furniture without having to move heavy furniture over and over again until you find the position where you like, take the size of everything in advance, so that you can make the space planning on paper.

· Decide on your focal point. The focal point of the room depends on the type of space whether it. In a living room, this point can be a painting, window, fireplace or television. Determine the focal point in your room; because most of the furniture would you put it around it. You need to make a focal point as the center of attention by adding other accessories in the. Television should be given additional accessories such as drawers or shelves of books, if the television is not in the form of a set of audiovisual entertainment devices.

· While doing the seating arrangement in a room, sitting area that should be looked welcome people coming in and entered the room. Avoid placing a chair with your back to the door.

· Taking advantage of every angle appropriately. You can add a dramatic touch to the look of a room by placing furniture with a certain angle. However, beware. This can take a lot of space, especially for small-sized room. Use ways of placing a particular angle only if your room is very spacious or if you do not have enough furniture to fill the empty space.

Decorate Stylish Home Office with White Chair and Minimalist Computer Desk as Small Space Furniture

· Giving proper distance between each furnishing. When placing the seating area is also used for a chat / mingle, such as the sofa in the sitting room, you need to be careful not to put each of the objects are too close together or too far apart. If you want a small space appear larger, use furniture that is smaller than the normal size and avoid objects that take up too much space in size, such as too many cups, bowls, or normal-sized objects more. This is called the “doll house effect”, where your room will appear larger and spacious, as well as further afield.

· When placing various accessories or furniture of any kind, make sure that you use symmetry. This is a quick trick to make arrangements layout your furniture look better. Put a table on one side of the sofa, a bookshelf on one side of the television, a painting on one side of the table, etc.

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Round Coffee Table Completing Small Space Furniture inside Cozy Room with Fluffy Sectional Sofa and Black Chairs

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