Arranging Living Room with Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are great for house with very limited space. Other than that, it is also allowed the homeowner to catch up with the other family members with no boundary or walls in the house. But apparently it opens up the possibility of challenges in designing the room with open floor style. So, you have to read this article to know interesting tips about arranging living room with no walls. Check this out.

Place Grey Sofas and Mirrored Coffee Table in Cozy Family Room using Open Floor Plans with Classic Kitchen

Make a perfect union

Your living room is possible to be adjacent with the kitchen. Even though those rooms have different function, you can make them look as a unity by applying the same colors but put the softer patterns for the other one. Open floor style is supposed to embrace the differences in a space.

Let color connects them

Color is the best way to bring certain mood in the room. Color is also capable in embracing the different rooms in one space without walls. Painting the walls with the same color will make this challenge becomes easier. After you got all the walls painted, you can try to put the other color for the other side of the wall. Well, open floor plans will feel great if you work on the similar hues. It does not have to be the same for all the room. Similar is better.

Grey Sofas and Low Coffee Table on Wide Carpet Used inside Simple Living Room using Open Floor Plans

Partial walls

House with open floor style will open the possibility of hearing conversation from the other side of the house. If you want to have limited view just or entertainment nook, you can try to use partial wall. The partial wall should not have to be just barrier without function. An island in the kitchen for breakfast bar will be a great kind of barrier with function. Or, you can also try open shelves that separated the living room with the kitchen.

Demarcate with furniture

The transition of a room to another will be kind of weird with open floor ideas. But actually you can make it much better by putting the furniture in the transition area. For the example, you can put an accent table behind the sofa before it leads to the kitchen or the other rooms. Besides it can be a smooth transition to the other room, the table also serves as the venue to put things and also a decorative element in the room. Open floor plans are the great idea to embrace different rooms into a unity.

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