Applying the Harmony to Your Living Room Paintings

A harmony does not always mean similarity. The slight differences are sometimes needed to create the harmonization of a thing. Music for example, if the music has the similar tone from the beginning to the ending, the listeners would feel bored and do not ever wants to listen to the music anymore. The same thing applied in the room design. If you have all the similar color, it would feel like you have bombed the room with the similar painting. By understanding this idea, you are able to set your room mood based on the harmonization, not the similarity only. The tips below are the things you are able to do to give the addition of your living room paint ideas:

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1. Pastels

The pastels are the best color that fit to any materials they apply to. Fabrics, wall, clothing’s, eatery, cakes are some examples of the pastel colors application. When you apply the pastel colors for your room decoration, you are just doing the right thing, because pastels never do you wrong. However, the pastel colors you choose, need to be in the same theme. For example you pick the soft pink color for your living room painting ideas, this means you are able to choose other similar group of the soft pink such as softer pink or pink. You are also able to combine red to the room to give the sense of the harmonization.

2. Bold Colors

Bold and genuine colors are best to be combined with other bold colors. Do mix the blue and green in the same room. Take an example as the green is for the wall and the blue is for the furniture. By simply applying this kind of mixture, you are also applying a full color room and would sometimes impress your guests as long as you do the right combination of the paintings.

Square Cushions on Grey Sofa inside Comfy Sitting Room with Interesting Living Room Paint Ideas

3. Natural Combination

If you are a scientist, doctor, animal lover, wildlife concern, you might be interested to apply this listing to your living room paint ideas, this application would let you to feel that you are really close to the nature. The light blue or light green would be a perfect match combining with the nature color of the tree trunk, such as light brown or dark brown, for the flooring, you are also able to apply the wooden floor or even only wood-like ceramics.

Those three ideas above might be applied to your living room with one condition, that is should be perfectly well combined.

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