Amazing Options for Accent Wall Ideas

The wall for many homes surely becomes the essential element for ensuring that the house can do its function properly. The house should be able to protect the residents and their belongings. Without the proper wall, this function will not be able to be achieved. Nevertheless, it is not the only function which can be found from the wall actually. The wall can also be used as accent so the room will get much better look. People can try some accent wall ideas which can help them get the room which looks more impressive simply by covering the wall with new color.

Abstract Accent Wall Ideas Decorating Minimalist Bedroom with White Bed and Wooden Bench

Cobalt Blue

When people have the house with industrial design for instance, they can get a great advantage by applying the vivid blue paint for the accent wall. The structural wall can be thick and it can be covered easily by using this color coverage. Since the cobalt blue comes as striking color, there is no surprise that the accent wall will be the focal point in the room. The cobalt blue wall can be statement and it should be combined with the touch of lavender and pink to get the elegant and cool look.


Dining room must be decorated properly for making sure that the room can give the right atmosphere for enjoying the dinner with the family. Traditional design for dining room is loved by many people but to improve the dining room, people can add the intrigue into the dining room by applying red shade for the accent wall. The color can be taken from the Oriental rug and silk curtain which can be found in the dining room. The peachy orange color which looks like gem can be the vibrant counter point in the dining room. The classic design and furnishing which comes with formality can be toned down with this color choice.

Complete Cozy Bedroom with Accent Wall Ideas near White Bed and Grey Bench on Grey Carpet

Soothing Pink

Some people think that accent wall should be able to make impact to the room. However, people actually can also use the accent wall for adding the serene effect such as in the living room. It can be done by using soft pink color for painting the accent wall. It will give the calming effect so the living room can be more comfortable and warm. It will be great when using this color choice for accent wall in the room which has huge space and filled with natural light. At the same time, chic contract can also be found when there is bold accent, lighting, and art applied in the room.

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