All About Wood Kitchen Countertops You Have to Know

When you are confused to choose best kitchen countertop, wood kitchen countertops may become your recommendation. There are so many benefits will you get when you choose this countertop. But, you have to know the right tips to maintain it. So, read the information below to know more about wood kitchen countertop and the way to maintain it.

Fabulous Furniture Of Cabinet Using Wood Kitchen and Induction Stove

Do I Need to Choose Wood Kitchen Countertops?

As explained before, there are so many benefits will you get if you choose this countertop. Here are some benefits of wood kitchen countertops:

· Work with All Design Styles

No matter the type of kitchen design, wood countertop will match with all design. As we know that there are so many designs or styles of kitchen, such as country, traditional, Mediterranean, French country, and more. But, wood countertops will work so well with all design.

· Good Appearance

There are so many people who have chosen wood countertop and feel so satisfied. Wood countertops are so beautiful to be put in the kitchen. Why? It is because wood countertop can create warm effect, and make your kitchen looks better than before.

· Variety

Various types of wood will also make you so easy to choose the best wood countertop that fit with your interest and need.

Fantastic Cabinet and Bar Table Ussing Wood Kitchen Countertops also Neat Backsplash

How to Maintain Wood Kitchen Countertops

After reading some information above, have you decided to buy wood countertop? If so, you are better to know about right maintenance for your own wood countertop. You can follow the steps below:

1. Prepare some equipment for cleaning your wood countertop, such as sand paper (120 and 180 grit), lemon juice, mineral oil or wood sealant, salt, sponges, dish soap and water.

2. You can sand the surface of countertops by using 120 grit paper. It is effective to remove stains, scratches and burn marks. Then, continue it by using 180 grit paper until the surface is smooth.

3. You can also use lemon juice and salt to remove the stains.

4. After all stains are removed, protects the surface by applying mineral oil or wood sealant.

5. You can do re-oiling process monthly to keep the quality of your wood countertop.

6. To minimize stains, you can clean the countertop daily with dish soap and warm water.

Those are the information for you about wood kitchen countertops. So, have you decided to buy it immediately? Hopefully, the information about wood kitchen countertops above will help you to make a right decision.

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