Aesthetic Elements in Designing A Rustic Kitchen

Kitchen is a space at home which has any versatile functions. The main function is to prepare food, yet kitchen is also used to entertain guests and to hold a family meeting. No wonder people nowadays decorate their kitchen to be more unique by implementing rustic kitchen ideas.

Fascinating Interior Rustic Kitchen Ideas Using Bar Table and Backsplash also Pendant Lighting

The concept of rustic kitchen is rich of color brown, green, red, and yellow, warm, majority the furniture made from wood and other natural sources, such as knotty pine and stones. Besides, there are several aspects you must consider in decorating a rustic kitchen. The first one is the layout. As kitchen keeps large utensils, such as frying pan, pan, microwave, etc, you should consider the space so that you can reach them in an easy way. The second one is the decor. The decor should reflect your personality. A kitchen must be functional yet look beautiful so it can fulfill your needs to eat and entertain guests.

How Should I Determine My Design?

Choosing the material is the key in decorating a rustic kitchen. To design the counters, you can choose granite or marbles for elegant touch. If you want it to be more colorful, you can use bright mosaic tiles for either wall or floor. To strengthen the characteristic, you can hang the family pictures on the wall. For the dining table decoration, add items like place mat, candles, and other decorations which suit your personality. Another decorating idea is setting a chalkboard to write down any notes, events, menu, recipes, and grocery list. To create fresher look, you can decorate the windowsill with herbs.

Delightful Elements for a Rustic Kitchen

Having a cozy kitchen can help you loosen up the stress after a busy day. Relaxing in a warm wooden chair and enjoying the pine trees view outside the window can be a little escape for you. To create that ambiance, here are some elements you can try.

Impressive Interior For Small Kitchen Using Wooden Cabinet and Bar Chair Decor

1. Elements of Stone

Stones are commonly used for home decoration. You can decorate the wall with river rock. If you are thinking to have a fireplace in the kitchen, you may also use stones in the fireplace heart. If you think wood is too much, you can use stones for the floor too.

2. Dark Wood

Nature has more offer. Not only stones, but also wood. Wooden floor, wooden cabinets, tables, chairs are the nature elements you can bring to your kitchen.

3. Painted Woods

If you are considering to have a colorful kitchen, you can paint the cabinets and walls in a country-color, such as bright lime green. Leaving only the wooden floor be bare, you can still gain the aesthetic of a rustic kitchen.

Frantic Wooden Cabinet for Rustic Kitchen Ideas also Pendant Lighting Plus Sofa

Graceful Mounted Shelve and Cabinet for Chic Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Grand Furniture For Rustic itchen Ideas Using U Shape Cabinet and Wooden Bar Chairs

Horrible Wooden Cabinet and Bar Table also Built in Lamps Decor

Impressive Cabinet With Marble Top also Attractive Pendant Lighting Fixture

Hunky Wall As Great Rustic Kitchen Ideas also Wooden Cabinet and Dining Table Set

Interesting Mounted Shelve also Cabinet Plus Stainless Steel Knive Hook

Fantastic Dinning Table plus Pendant Lighting also Elegant Wooden Book Shelves

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