A Guide to Choose Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

Probably you have decided contemporary bathroom vanities as part of your bathroom design. However, choosing vanity’s style does not mean you can go out and buy it immediately. There are few factors that you must still consider because bathroom vanity is vital part for the function of your bathroom. So what are those factors?

Angelic Design of Contemporary Bathroom Vanities With Stainless Steel Faucet

The placement

Bathroom vanity should be placed on the location where it won’t block the traffic flow or shower door. Consider other feature too like windows and plumbing. After you found the perfect spot then measure the amount of the space. When you go shopping, do not forget to bring the measurement. Make sure you open vanity’s doors and drawer then measure when they are in the maximum open. So you will have visual image if the doors and drawers would block the traffic flow or not when they are open.


The bathroom is a humid area and it is constantly wet. The materials of bathroom vanity should be durable to those kind of area. The countertop requires durability too and do not forget to check if it is easy to clean or not.


If you have small bathroom, hanging vanities with drawers are your best choice. It is because they won’t take the space on the floor and the drawer won’t take space that will disturb the plumbing. Before you go browsing, make inventory of your bathroom stuffs so you know how much storage that you think you need. Then when you go shopping, check the vanities which have more storage than you need. Thus you will have extra space later.

Splendid Bathroom With Contemporary Vanities also Shelve Between Mirrors


The amount of storage and the size of your bathroom are two main points to consider when you choose the right size. The vanity’s size should be a balance with the bathroom’s size for aesthetic reason. You need to apply the similar principle when you choose the vanity’s height.

Custom design

If you cannot find contemporary bathroom vanities that meet the requirement factors above, you may consider to order the custom design. The custom design vanities are not always more expensive than the price in the store. With custom design you can create whatever design you want and the configuration. Your bathroom vanity will the only one contemporary bathroom vanities in the world. By ordering custom design, you can make the statement of your style that you cannot do by buying the store’s bathroom vanity.

Classy Bathroom Using Black Vanity also White Top and Sink Too Mirror

Delicate Mirror also Contemporary Bathroom Vanities Plus Winsome Lighting Fixtures

Delightful Wooden Vanity also Marble Top Plus Mirror again Pendant Lighting

Luxurious Bowl Sinks and Stainless Steel Faucet To Decorate Wooden Vanity

Marvelous Bathroom Vanity also Mirror Beside Huge Sink Too Mounted Shelve

Perfect Interior Using Contemporary Bathroom Vanities also Large Mirror Decor

Winsome Hanging Contemporary Bathroom Vanity near Lush Showering Area Decor

Wondrous Interior Bathroom With Conpemporary Bathroom Vanities and Mirror Decor

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