A Bookshelf Room Divider Guide for Dummies

Ever wonder what a bookshelf room divider is? Perhaps you have been visiting your literature maniac friend’s house and saw that he or she used a bookcase to divide one room and the others. When asked why on earth he or she would do that, he or she blabbered about how using bookshelves as room divider is on this year. You, as someone who did not follow the trend of using bookshelves as room divider (and one who prefers using normal walls to divide rooms) is confused about your friend’s choice about using bookshelves as room divider.

Angelic Style Of Black Wooden Book Shelve Divider For Decorating Spacious Room

When you asked him or her why did he or she not use your ordinary concrete mix to separate rooms, as you did, he or she said that you are not ‘hip’ because you did not understand that using bookshelves as room divider is an art. ‘Designing a room is an art’ your friend said, and bookshelf room divider is a part of that art. You are then confused and decided not to ask him or her further about that bookshelf room divider. However, there is that unscratchable itch on your body about a bookshelf room divider, so you grabbed the nearest computer and did a research on what a bookshelf room divider is. You then stumbled upon this article.

Okay, that explanation above might not be the situation you found yourselves in, but in the end, you visited this article because you wanted to know more about what a bookshelf room divider is. This article here will help you in doing that.

What is a bookshelf room divider?

We have to take a deeper look before we get to understand on how to install a bookshelf room divider. For starters, a bookshelf room divider can be separated into two words, which are ‘bookshelf’ and ‘room divider’. Bookshelf are a shelf for books (obviously), and a room divider is something you use to separate rooms (again, obviously). Normally, we use walls to separate rooms, but walls are not ‘in’ this year, so that is why some people prefer unorthodox room divider like bookshelves rather than using walls (some people also find it harder to build walls than to put bookshelves, probably because they do not have the right amount of money or skill or space).

Dainty Living Space Using Bookshelf Room Divider also Frantic Chandeliers

How to install a bookshelf room divider

Simply put, you just have to put (hah!) your bookshelves in a manner that resembles ordinary walls. It should separate rooms, or it would not serve its ordinary purpose. You can also be creative with it (I once saw people made a secret room enclosed by bookshelves. I was amazed).

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