8 Fun Ideas for Living Room Curtains

Living room curtains don’t have to be boring and dull all the time. There are so many other color variations than white. In addition to it, your color choice can make a different look of the room. The following ideas are on trend right now and so fun. You can choose one or two for your new curtains.

Fabulous Living Room Curtains in Minimalist Room with White Sofa and Round Ottoman on Grey Carpet


This is a trend on dresses and hair, and now it touches curtain color. Instead of staying with single tone only, it allows you to make more impression and live up the room a little.

Hand Carved Pattern

This pattern gives warm and authentic feeling, thing you can get only on a small isolated cottage. You can choose any pattern you like from tribal to edgy one.

Play on Pattern

If you have solid colors around your living room, it is maybe time for you to add some accents. Instead of using balancing color, you should choose pattern with colorful finish for it.

Embroidered Wool

This is also a great alternative for curtain. It keeps you warm while it also gives you elegant and superior look of the room. It adds characters on the room.

Inherited Curtain

This is one of the most popular ideas right now. It allows you to reuse old curtain, and brings back your childhood memories with it. It gives the room more value. You may need to be careful on the fabric as it is maybe old already.

Blue Sofas and Glass Top Coffee Table inside Fancy Room with Sensational Living Room Curtains

Scalloped Valances

Instead of going common and not unique, you can try scalloped valances. It gives you historical yet unique look while it adds the value of your current curtain. Just make sure the color matches your curtain.

Bohemian Look

This looks represents liberty, energy, and intuition at once. It can give perfect accent on a dull living room. Be brave on colors as it is represented by the style too.

Playful Color

When you try to understand this idea, think about colors children will like the most. It should give you energy and powerful feeling while the room remains fun and inviting.

What do you think of those ideas? They allow you to make your personal choice for the same thing. It means it still can be fit enough to your taste too. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Even if you don’t like it, there are still many ideas for your new living room curtains.

Old Fashioned Sitting Area with Green Sofa and Fluffy Chairs near Grey Living Room Curtains

White Nightstands and Small Table Lamp Placed beside Stunning Brown Living Room Curtains for Wide Windows

Choose Oversized Chandelier and Cream Living Room Curtains for Minimalits Sitting Space with Long Sofas

Complete Enchanting Room with Artistic Brown Living Room Curtains and Classic Golden Chandelier

Appealing White Framed Windows and Cozy Bay Seat Window behind Traditional Thick Living Room Curtains

Beautiful Flowers and Blue Flowered Living Room Curtains Completing Enchanting Room with Tile Flooring

Gorgeous Living Room Curtains facing White Flowery Sofa and Red Chair beside Tufted Ottoman

Interesting White and Grey Living Room Curtains for Simple Room with White Furry Cushion and Indoor Plant

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