7 Small Bathroom Design Tips to Make It Feels Better

Having small bathroom will bring you a lot of burdens when it comes to making everything fit. The challenges seems like having no ending. From arranging the sink and toilet to code and freeing enough spaces for shower to storing the towels and other kits. You need not be hopeless as you can try to learn this small bathroom design given by the experts!

Grey Tile Wall and White Bathtub Completing Small Bathroom Design with Stunning Vanity and White Sinks

1. Corner sink

The first tip for small bathroom design is by installing a sink in the corner across the toilet, instead of across the shower. This is the best choice to ensure a better traffic in your bathroom, considering the opening-closing jobs of the shower tend to make an uncomfortable walk-around condition.

2. Shower curtain

Forget about glass door if you have a small bathroom. The move in and out will requires more spaces than you can imagine. As the alternative, use shower curtain instead as it saves space with its back and forth movement.

3. Floating vanity

The next small bathroom design you can try is by mounting the vanity above the floor. You can use the little spaces freed up to put small items. Although it is helpful only to make the bathroom looks bigger in visual, but still it helps you to feel less claustrophobic.

4. Round the vanity

Still, smartly playing with the vanity is the key to the trick your small bathroom. The small spaces usually end you up with hip hazards. If the corner vanity is out of the option, by then, try to pick the round style vanity.

Small Bathroom Design with White Vanity and Open Shower Area using Glossy Shower Faucet

5. Large-scale pattern

Using large scale patterns can help to trick your eye into viewing an expanded space. So, in order to make your bathroom feel larger, use large scale pattern, for example, wide stripe.

6. Glass panel

If your bathroom is not larger than 30 inch by 60 inch, it can be enough for toilet and tub, but not for glass shower door. So, in order to ensure you have enough space to move your elbow, yet at the same time keep the most of the water stays in the shower, use the glass panel instead to separate the bathroom.

7. Expanded Mirror

The next small bathroom design you may try is erecting mirror across the wall for the substitute of vanity. Not only saving space, this also make the bathroom looks a visually larger than its size. Besides, it enables two persons to use the bathroom at once.

Add Bathtub Shower Space inside Small Bathroom Design with Wooden Bench and Oak Vanity

Choose Floating Vanity and wide Sink for Small Bathroom Design with White Bathtub and Open Shower Space

Clear Glass Panel and White Bathtub Used in Small Bathroom Design with Minimalist Vanity

Complete Small Bathroom Design with Black Towel Shelves and White Bathtub near Brown Wall

Glossy Towel Hanger and Wooden Vanity Completing Small Bathroom Design with Tile Flooring and White Door

Tidy White Cabinets and White Vanity Used inside Small Bathroom Design and Laundry Room with Modern Washing Machine

Use Grey Marble Tile Wall and Flooring in Small Bathroom Design with Grey Oak Vanity and white Sink

Wooden Vanity and White Sink Used in Awesome Small Bathroom Design with Glossy Shower Faucet and Tile Wall

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