7 Living Room Area Rugs You Must Break

Choosing living room area rugs is more important than you ever thought. Many interior stylists believe that it is rug that ties the entire room together. There are many guides to help you in choosing but several rules are worth to break. Here are the rules you need to break to get the best rugs.

Attractive White Living Room Area Rug with Blue Color Accent and Nice Design Decor

1. Miss Out the Discount

Budget, budget, and budget make the three top factors on your selection inquiries. Therefore, don’t you dare missing out the sales and discounts. There are many old and nice used rugs worth the price. Many online retailers offer great selection for discounted items too.

2. No Rug Pad

Why would you skip it? Well, rugs tape is not helping at all. It never works out well or long enough, and it leaves stickiness on your floor. You need rug pad for layers and to prevent it to slip. It allows you to choose rugs in freedom as well.

3. Afraid of Pattern

Now that is silly. You obviously need contrasting pattern especially when you already decorate the room in consistency. Pattern prevents flat and boring room.

4. Choose Rug at the End

This is a huge mistake. If you decided everything else first then you choose a rug, it takes almost forever to get the perfect one. If you get the rug first, the entire things will be easier to pick and combine.

5. Bare Wall to Wall Carpet

If your house floor is covered with wall to wall carpet, and you leave it bare, your entire house will look boring. Add area rug on it and have some boundaries that connect the entire rooms and sections nicely.

6. Never Layer

Layering is smart. It should combine neutral rug underneath and smaller patterned area rug on top. It doesn’t only look good, but it should give you better options in making sections in one room.

Traditional Furniture with Best Wooden Element and Chic Accessory Decor

7. Choose Small

Ok. Smaller rug is commonly cheaper but it is not your only option. You should consider your space. At least, the front legs of your furniture should be able to step on the rug. It makes perfect arrangement and placement for a room.

Breaking those rules will give you not only more nice options but also more freedom in decorating your living room. It makes more decorative room, and you will be pleased with the look. Now hit the nearby store and find your dreamy living room area rugs.

Beautifull Design for Living Room Area Rug with Streaky Motive and Black Color Accent

Chic Accessory Decor in Small Living Room Area Rugs with Chalk Color Accent Picture

Comfortable Furniture with Big Sofa close Calm Wall Color Accent

Fresh Ambience from Chalk Wall Paint and Large Glass Window

Lovely Accent with Black and White Color in Chic Sofa

Romantic Ambience From Nice Brown Color Accent in Best Living Room Area Rugs Decor

Rustic Furniture Decor with Calm Wall Paint plus Glass Window

Soft Dust Living Room Area Rugs with Cozy Dark Sofa plus Chic Accessory Decor

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