7 Inspirations of Furniture for Small Spaces

By | December 4, 2021

Choosing furniture for small spaces is quite tricky. At one side you want the furniture to be simple to avoid your home felt cramped. However, you still need it to not become pretty but also comfortable. Hence, you need the right choices for furniture for small spaces. Check these furniture pieces below so you may find one or two which fit your small houses or apartment.

Add Furniture for Small Spaces in Simple Apartment with Glass Coffee Table and Tidy Black Bookshelves

1. Cubby-like shelves

Instead of looking for the largest shelves, pick the cubby-like shelves which can go horizontal or vertical. If the shelves stand upright, it can be used as a separator to the other room. On the other hand, it the shelves are positioned horizontally, it can be used as a bench as well (if the shelf is sturdy enough)

2. Small Scale armchairs

Bulky armchairs or sofa may offer you comfort, yet at the same time they takes too much space. In a small space, you can choose to put small scale armchairs with the upriht profile.

3. Short stack of stools

Small spaces don’t allow you to have a giant sofa or bulky armchairs. So, as the solution for the limited seating problems in your home, you should tuck stack of stools. Put them in the corner to save space. And if it’s possible, opt for the short instead of the tall ones.

4. Large mirror

If you want your small room to look more spacious, one of the few furniture for small spaces list is large mirror. As mirror work the best to be a reflector, hence the right position for the mirror will instantly help your small room feels bigger and brighter.

Tiny Apartment using Minimalist Furniture for Small Spaces with Wooden Sofas and Open Dining Table Set

5. Mini Parsons desk

With a small space available, double (or even triple) duty furniture piece will be very helpful. Mini Parsons desk is one of the example. It may work mainly as a desk, yet it can work as a buffet, kitchen table, or even an oversize bedside table as well.

6. Backless bench

Backless bench is one of the smart choice furniture for small spaces. In a limited space of dining area, backless bench can always be tucked under the table whenever it isn’t used; hence saving some spaces.

7. Invisible Acrylic chair

Having invisible furniture made of acrylic is a brilliant idea for small spaces. Its invisibility doesn’t make a room to look too packed up. Besides, the clear acrylic chair can be tucked in about anywhere.

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