7 Essential Kitchen Lighting Design You Must Have

Kitchen is where the center of your daily life comes from. You need excellent kitchen lighting design to support your activities and mobility around the room. If you pay attention on latest design for kitchen, you will notice many lighting fixtures in it. If you plan to install some, the following lighting elements should be included. Check this out.

Beautiful Kitchen Lighting Design Using Pendant and Built in Lamp

Recessed Lighting

This light can be placed in your built-in pantries, kitchen islands, countertops, and onto sinks. It can make a great light for your kitchen cabinetry as well and a great illumination on unreached corners. Don’t go crazy on it though as your fridge doesn’t need more light.

Over-Cabinet Lighting

This is more about style than function. It illuminates your walls and ceiling and it highlights your display as well. It adds warm and atmosphere in the kitchen and leads your way to late night snack. Choose LED units if you plan to turn it on all night long.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Unlike the previous lighting, this one is also about function. While it also adds warm and atmosphere, it illuminates everything below your cabinet so you can keep working on the area with clear sight. Placing it behind the cabinet should make it nice and tidy.

Toe Kick Lighting

You may not notice this name before but you certainly recognize those sophisticated light under your base cabinet. With motion sensor enhancement, you get texture and perfect night light. It should help if you need to find something below there or if you walk into the kitchen.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is no longer new yet it remains nice. You can use on that spreads the light throughout the room, or choose a small one for task lighting on top of your island. A huge pendant can be a decoration statement as well even though few of smaller sizes will add attractiveness in the kitchen.

Classy Track Liamp Fixture above Bar Table For Kitchen LIghting Design

Ceiling Lighting

This used to be the main and only fixtures for kitchen. People turn it on for several hours a day, and you may want to choose excellent bulbs like LED for this one to save money too. This is the general lighting in the kitchen and you need it.

Daylight Lighting

You may not believe it, but this kind of lighting is available. It is commonly used in a kitchen with not enough natural lighting from the windows. For sophisticated alternative, you can choose solar lighting for it.

If you are in a hurry or you are in budget project, you can stick with the essential first and do the rests later. As an important note though, each of the kitchen lighting design above is necessary to improve your kitchen efficiency and aesthetic. Try it.

Dainty Ceiling Lamp and Chandelier For Good Kitchen Lighting Design

Delightful Pendant Lamp above Bar Table For Kitchen Lighting Design

Horrible Lighting For Kitchen Using Pendant and Built In Lamp

Opulent Ceiling Lamps also Neat Cabinet For Decorating Small Kitchen

Seductive Kitchen Lighting Using Dark Chandelier also Built in Lamps

Stylish Built In Lamps also Unique Chandelier For Kitchen Lighting Design

Sumptuous Built in Lamp also Modern Bar Table abd Chair For Kitchen Design

Awful Built in Lamp also Glass Shade Pendant Lamp For Kitchen Lighting

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