7 Creative Ideas of Dining Room Centerpieces

When it comes to special occasions, we are going to need special dining room centerpieces to draw attention. There are actually many ideas that are applicable, but we may want something different. We may need something more unusual for it. If you need for more fresh ideas, the following ones can be more than interesting.

Interesting Sunflowers on Vaase for Lavish Wooden Dining Table Decor

1. A Wishing Well

This is a perfect centerpiece for a celebration for someone. Have the guess to write down their wishes for the celebrated persona and toss them in a bowl, and read it out loud after dinner.

2. Floating Fruit

You may find a lot of floating candles for decoration. Now, you can try to use your large and clear vase to float fruits. Choose different fruits for each vase and fill it with water in different levels.

3. Stash of Sweet

If you have big and clear vase, fill it with sand then stack some colorful pinwheel lollipops in it. Those sweets will stand still nicely, and it should make a perfect centerpiece in an occasion of happy celebration.

4. The Silver Bells

You can make a centerpiece with real attention drawer. What can be nicer than wrapped treats? Wrap them with aluminum foil, an put them in a big clear vase. It makes a posh decoration while it literally amuses everyone.

Dainty Table With Candles and Plants For Dining Room Centerpies

5. Colorful Array of Cocktails

If the venue is your dining room, a colorful array of juices and sodas, should make a fine centerpiece. Mate it with silverware in the same color and be playful with the arrangement. It should make a fine note as well for your guests.

6. Pom-Poms

Instead of decorating the room with real flowers, you can be creative and try something more casual with a bouquet of paper flowers. To get the casual look, choose the paper on hot colors. This bouquet will make a perfect pair for a plain white vase.

7. The Delight of Autumn

Get some pinecones and paint them in silver, gray, or gold with spray-paint. Then, put them in a clear vase or cookie jar. For the last touch, don’t forget to tie the vase or jar with festive ribbon. Make sure you choose vases and jars in many different sizes and heights.

Depending on the occasion, you can adjust the size of the centerpiece. For a real grand event, you should think big. However, you can also try to think simpler for more private occasion. All of those ideas are perfect to choose and easy to adjust. Don’t forget to add your personal touch on those dining room centerpieces.

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