7 Creative Ideas for Bathroom Towel Storage

A bathroom can always use a storage or two, and bathroom towel storage has become one of the most important things now. Space often becomes an issue in most bathrooms. We need more the storage but we don’t seem to have enough space. The following ideas can give you a solution. There are several ideas we can try to make a decent and stylish storage.

Awesome Design Of The Bathroom Cabinet Storage With Brown Oak Wooden Materials Added With Some Hook As The Place For Towel Ideas

Below the Sink

If you have a little open space below the sink, it can be a space for storage. Just add two or three contemporary magazine rack, and put the rolled up towel in there. Match the rack with your sink style.

Use Basket

This is not a new idea, but you should try woven basket. It should hold your rolled up towel nicely. There are options on colors now, and it can be adjusted to your bathroom theme. Place it in the corner of your bathroom or any space you have.

Use Bookshelf

If your bathroom size is small, and you just don’t have any more space, you can try to attach vertical bookshelf on the wall. It gives you enough storage to hold your towel, but you can manage with your bathroom space.

Add Standing Wine Rack

Yes, why not? You can add a standing wine rack in your bathroom. It shouldn’t take a lot of space. Instead, its unique design allows you to put rolled up towel in style. It will be nice.

Hang Flea Market Cabinet

Hang the cabinet high enough on the wall but make sure it is beyond your reach. If you want crisp and fresh look, try to finish it with white paint. It gives you storage without the need for huge space below.

Astounding Design Of The Contemporary Bathroom Vanities With White Cabinets With Double Black Sink And Shelves For Towel Ideas

Open Shelf Cabinet

Yes, you can use one or two of the layers to storage the towel. Leave the top layer for smaller things and maybe a little decoration item. Rustic cabinet add warmth in your bathroom.

Antique Stepladder

It makes a warm and nice decoration for a bathroom. However, it needs to function well to make a nice decoration. Roll up the towel and insert them in the layers. Now you have décor and you have storage.

As you can see from the ideas above, we can make a nice and stylish storage with any available space. We don’t need expensive budget for it as well. Looking at the ideas, bathroom towel storage can be more than storage but also stylish decoration.

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