6 Cute bedroom ideas for College Students Dull Room

Who says the concept of cute bedroom can only apply to kids and not to the adults like college students? It is such a pity that most college students usually get plain dull room in their dorms or apartments. Hence, we’re going to give you some cute bedroom ideas which are chic enough for your college student room.

Decorate Cute Bedroom Ideas with Unique Wall Decal and Globe Ceiling Lamps above White Single Bed

1. Pretty Photos Decoration

Whether they are self-portraits or landscape pictures, if they are pretty and artsy enough, you should not post them in Instagram. Yep! You can print them out and stick them to the wall to make a cute yet chic décor for your new college room.

2. Fairy Lights

Installing Fairy Lights is one of the most popular cute bedroom ideas for student’s interior design. Be creative on how you would like to décor your student’s room with the fairy light. For a minimalist chic idea, you can put the fairy lights in a quirky spin on one corner of the room and hang some photographs with pegs between the pendants.

3. DYI with Washi Tape

If you are arty, the simplest way to make cute decoration for your student’s room is by investing in washi tapes or thin paper tapes with zillion choices of prints and colors. You can make numerous shapes using the colorful washi tapes on your walls or back of the doors.

4. Frame Wall Without Real Frames

Many dorms and apartments may not let you to leave more holes in your bedroom than what have already been there. It can be devastating for those who love to hang cute photo frames. But if you can’t hang ones, then you can stick ones! Yep! Why not using washi tapes to make creative designs to frame your photos or pictures? You’ll be surprised to the infinite designs you will get.

Elegant Cute Bedroom Ideas with Fluffy Bed and Enchanting Table Lamps near Gorgeous Black Chair

5. Graphic Cushions and Fabrics

Next on cute bedroom ideas for college student’s room is investing in the graphic cushions and fabrics. Classy printed textiles can splash colors and personality to your bedroom. It is cute, not in the way of childish but instead sophisticated.

6. Statement Frame Wall

Creating a statement frame wall will not only make your student’s room looks cute but also cool. You can hang not only your favorite photos, but also paintings, patterns, and life quotes. Pick only one or two sides of the wall so it doesn’t turn your room to be too busy though.

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