5 Playful Modern Living Room Ideas

Modern interior design is believed to be derived from Bauhaus School of Design in Germany in 1919. The principle of this design is functionality which must be on every form and shape. Hence, you are able to see clean-lined furniture or fixture as well as simple accessories which are all basically used to decorate such simplicity and calmness. And those are what you can adopt to your modern living room ideas.

Contemporary White Sectional Sofa with Stylish Black Coffee Table to Complete Living Room Interior

Light and Airy Living Room

In this particular living room inspiration, a set of wide glass windows are installed on thin frames to provide the room with a wide city view. Not only does it gives the room pretty good scenery to enjoy during days and nights, but the room can even save more energy by using natural light during the daylight.

White Living Room

It has long been known that white is frequently picked up to accentuate modern design. White makes rooms look clean, tidy and definitely simple, no matter how many decorative objects you put in there. So, anyway, white is kind of a super-recommended color scheme to be adopted in you modern living room. Its plain shade can be combined with magnificent textures and patterns.

Silver Living Room

Besides white, there is another color inspiration to add to these modern living room ideas, and that is silver. The cool touches given by this color are surely undeniable. You can effortlessly change your mood as coming home from work, from stressing out to chilling out. Do not forget to keep the room simple by inviting a coffee table with glossed silver legs which are matched to the fireplace andirons.

Cozy Loft Living Room with Direct Access to Kitchen and Balcony with Great View

Flowery Living Room

One of the reasons why modern living room ideas are loved is its flexibility to be situated in almost any size of room. From small to large, modern interior design is quite reliable. And one of the principles that can make it possible is by inviting outstanding, yet calm pattern to the room. Blue flowers on shade and occasional seat in your small living room would not create a dull look for the whole room.

Spacious Yet Maximum Living Room

Space is another significant element in modern living rooms, which is why you should not waste any potential space. An extra-large sofa stretched out from wall to wall would not look so overwhelming if you can find one of which height suits the walls’ height. Complete the set with an ottoman and you have got your creative modern living room.

Light and Dark Blue Three Seater Sofa Combined with Black Pendant Lamps and Wall Painting for Modern Living Room

Small White Living Room with Contemporary Sofa Seater and Stunning Chandelier

Smart Wall Storage Idea to Complete Modern Living Room Interior

Stylish Modern Living Room Ideas with Ample Window and Elegant Black L Shaped Sofa

White Modern Living Room with White Painting and Furnishing Decorated with Red Accents

Wonderful Stone Wall with Smart Shelving Unit to Create Focal Point of Modern Living Room

Apartment Living Room with White and Grey Color Scheme Decorated with Orange Touches

Black and White Modern Living Room Ideas with Bold Wood Accent for Shelving Backdrop

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