5 Inspirations For Your Black And White Bathroom

There is definitely a reason why black and white bathroom is still among the favorites. Whatever you are going to put in there, they would totally get along really well with the black and white base. From modern to vintage, urban to contemporary, black and white are quite reliable as color foundation. This would surely benefit you if you are planning to redecorate your bathroom later without getting rid of the dominant elements.

Decorative Black Touches on White Subway Tile for Wall to Complete Bathroom Interior

B&W with Mixed Antique

A sense of past is pretty noticeable here, with white pedestal tub, custom leaded glass window with black lines and curves, and an antique wooden drawer stood by the wall. Black scheme is less dominant than the white scheme, but it is undeniably eye-catching as it is applied on the ceiling rims and polka dots flooring.

A Touch of Turquoise

Black-trimmed windows are installed in this kitchen to let the sun light in stroking the white tub and black and white flooring. The window trims are looking so fabulous as the sun light hits its surface, creating a relaxing illumination while you are soaking in the tub as the sun starts setting outside. Placing black-framed photograph near the faucet can incredibly draw you back to memories you always want to keep in your heart, while turquoise ceiling is somehow a bit more attractive to see.

Bold Black

If you are expecting to have more intensified black elements in your bathroom, then you can pick up a black rug with white border, black-trimmed white cotton shower curtain, and black and white wallpaper in any pattern you like. Only by bringing in those three stuff, you can invite more black to your monochromatic bathroom.

Elegant Black and White Bathroom Interior with Patterned Black Wall and White Wall Paneling

Black, Gray, White

If you are asking about what shades that can flow naturally with the black and white bathroom, then it should be gray. Gray can bridge the gap between black and white so it would not like you make a bold stroke in the color palette, with lack of relevance between the shades. So, why not trying to paint your bathroom’s walls with the right shade of gray?

Red Strokes

Last but not least, besides gray, there is another fascinating color that can look incredibly gorgeous in black and white bathroom, and that is red. Put ornaments or decorative objects inside your bathroom, and let it bring a dramatic look to the whole room. Red Curtain, towels put on the shelf and toys are perfect.

Black and White Checkerboard Flooring Combined with Patterned Wall and Sleek White Tub

Interesting Black and White Application on Tiled Wall with Decorative Trim Combined with Glass Shower

Black Wall and Floor Combined with White Bathroom Furniture Presenting Nice Color Scheme

Black Bathroom Flooring and Decorative Wall Trims Combined with White Wall Painting

Modern Bathroom Vanity with Black Furniture and White Sinks and Towels

Sleek Rectangular Built in Tub with Open Wall Shelving Units for Black and White Bathroom

Dominating Black Accent of Bathroom Interior with White Tub Decorated with Flowers

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