5 Gorgeous Pairs For Antique White Cabinets

If you are looking for a long-lasting kitchen model that would not be so outdates till you cannot resist redecorating it, then antique white kitchen is the right answer. The problem is, how can you make it real? How could we draw it on a picture so that we could at least see the effectiveness of the design? There is one furniture you have to get to make this kitchen real, it would help you a lot in making the layout. And it is antique white cabinets.

But, wait a second. Even after you got the right cabinets, you have not yet done making the kitchen look gorgeous. Here are some pairing elements you can consider to complete the antique white cabinets.

Alluring Antique White Cabinets Combined with Wooden Countertop and Brown Room Painting

Metal Finishes

The white cabinets themselves have been looking so good that you do not need much effort to support the design. Consider bringing in some copper pendant lights to hang over the island, stainless steel appliances to arrange around the island and oil-rubbed-bronze cabinet hardware to intensify the metal theme.

Window Seat

This furniture is not essential to be placed in your large kitchen, but if you have them, you will be much relieved seeing the amazing anti-mainstream layout of your kitchen. The white cabinets are set in a line against a wall with a long wooden island across it. Several inches from the island, at the direction to the backyard, two sofas and a coffee table are set to intensify the antique look.

Glossy Finished Countertop and Tiled Backsplash Working with Antique White Cabinets

Wooden Flooring

Another element you can choose to pair with your antique white cabinets is wooden flooring, brown wooden flooring precisely. The color palette consisted of white and brown in a kitchen is breathtakingly calm and warm. It may not look so bold, but the colors induce a homey atmosphere that you should not miss.

Marble Countertop

It is undeniably fun to see things in harmony, just like these antique white cabinets and marble countertops which are looking like they are made to be together. There is one marble countertop design that mostly chosen by homeowners to be placed side-by-side with the cabinets. It has pure white color and gray lines.

Black Cabinets

If you think that white cabinets will look so boring at some point, then try giving a space to place an antique black cabinet. Place this cabinet on one corner where you think the most suitable spot for the cabinet so that it would not make the white cabinets less dominant.

Luxury White Marble Backsplash Combined with Black and Wood Countertop of White Cabinets

Surprising Plain Black Top and Backsplash Compared with Patterned Grey Top and Backsplash Working with White Cabinets

Large Kitchen with Architectural White Cabinet Layout with Island in the Middle

Interesting Decorative Ceiling Lamps and Stone Backsplash and Top Combined with White Cabinets

Classic Kitchen with Antique Ivory White Cabinets Combined with Black Island

Black and White Kitchen Interior with Antique White Cabinets and Black Island

Antique White Kitchen Cbinets Combined with Marble or Granite Countertop and Patterned Backsplash

Accent Black Island Combined with White Cabinets with Decorative Lighting

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