5 Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

By | February 1, 2022

When you want to have useful storage to be put in your bathroom, bathroom storage over toilet may become your recommendation. It is a good idea to create comfortable storage in your bathroom, and will give you easiness to put your stuff in your bathroom. Read the information below to know more about bathroom storage over toilet.

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Do I Need to Have Bathroom Storage Over toilet?

Talking about over toilet storage, it is simple element for your bathroom but will give you many benefits. By having it, you can save much space in your bathroom. It is so good to be applied in small bathroom. Then, it comes with various sizes and types, so you can choose it by yourself and get the best one that is so right for your bathroom. Even, you can make it by yourself, so you will get perfect storage for your bathroom. Not only about it, over toilet storage can make your bathroom looks so comfortable. It can perfect your bathroom design.

Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

As explained before, over toilet storage can be created by yourself. You can also use stuff or tools around you to create perfect storage over the toilet. Here are some ideas you can try:

1. Storage Cubes

Many people usually use it every day in their homes. Actually, it can be a good stuff to be put as storage over the toilet. Just arrange some of it, and then you can have comfortable and good looking over toilet storage.

2. Planter Box

Planter box is also good idea to get over toilet storage. It can be put over the toilet, and then you can put your toiletries on it.

3. Table

It is simple thing you can put in your bathroom. Just put couch table or sideboard, then you can get perfect storage over your toilet.

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4. Wall Cabinet

Other idea you can use for getting useful storage in your bathroom is applying wall cabinet over your toilet. Then, you can get good storage in your bathroom. You can put much stuff on it, and then it can make you so comfortable in your bathroom.

5. Wire Baskets

It is also a good idea you can follow. Wire baskets can be put over your toilet, and you can use it for saving your towels.

Actually, there are still many ideas about bathroom storage over toilet. But, the ideas above are really simple, so you can create it easily. Finally, hopefully the ideas above can help you to get perfect storage to be put in your bathroom.

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