5 Bathroom Design Ideas to Make Small Bathroom Better

Bathroom design ideas can determine the atmosphere of the bathroom. Since bathrooms do not get much space like the other rooms do, you should follow some design tips to make your small bathroom feel larger or at least better. Here we have several tips and tricks you can consider. Check this out.

Add Gorgeous Chandelier for Stunning Bathroom Design Ideas with Elegant Vanity and White Sinks

Corner sink or something modern for sink

Sink is essential in the bathroom but sometimes the pedestal ones always interfere with the traffic in the bathroom. Utilizing the bathroom corner for the sink will be one of the great bathroom design ideas. Or if you are not into corner sink, you can try sink with oval shape. Oval shape lets you to have more space rather than the pointy edges.

Shower curtains

Since the space is pretty limited, you should make anything effective and efficient. Shower curtains will be great rather than glass door that will take some space when you should open it. Other than that, shower curtains are inexpensive than the glass door. They also come with various patterns which you can choose according to your bathroom’s theme.

Flying furniture

The furniture is not literally flying but they can be hanging in the air or you can install it on the wall. Vanity is so needed in the bathroom but it also makes the space occupied more and more. This is why you should install the vanity on the wall so it looks like floating or flying. Even though the left space will not enough for another storage, at least it can be utilized to store small items such as basket or anything like that.

Enjoy your Time inside Cozy Bathroom Design Ideas with White Bathtub Full of Red Rose Petals

Extend the counter

The other bathroom idea for small bathroom is by extending the counter over the toiler. But of course, you still need to watch on the height of the counter. There are certain rules that you should follow in installing the counter for the sink such as the height and also the space near the sink.

Large scale pattern

Small bathroom does not mean that you cannot explore it with patterns. You are always allowed to use pattern in the bathroom as long as you put it in the right place and try to not make this overwhelming. Well, you can try with applying wallpaper with horizontal large strips on the wall. Even though the room stays the same but it can visually make the room feels bigger. So you obviously should try the bathroom design ideas.

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