5 Basic Bathroom Window Treatments

Windows limit the sunlight entering your bathroom, but window treatments provide you with additional functions, such as keeping your privacy or creating an intimacy. So, basically bathroom window treatments are complementary element to bathroom’s windows that should be understood correctly and implemented properly.

Sheer White Patterned Curtain for Bathroom Window Treatment of Traditional Bathroom with Black Tub

Café-styled Curtain

If you can manage to find a solution between letting the sunlight in and keeping your privacy while enjoying a relaxing moment in your tub, then try to get this café curtain. The curtain would only cover the half of the window. So, only the top half of the window which can let the sunlight lighting the room.

Consider purchasing a curtain of which patterns and colors match with the room’s flooring or theme in general. The elegant-looked café curtain is more recommended.

Woven Shades

Similar with the café-styled curtain, this shade can cover half of the window, or even the whole of it. Yes, this woven shade can be raised or lower, following your need of covering how much part of the window. Besides, this shade is a pretty good decorative element to for various bathroom models. It is neutral and earthy, so it would not go wrong with many bathroom designs.

Sheer Curtain

It might not be among popular bathroom window treatments, but sheer curtains can be a perfect alternative for some people with particular taste. It does not matter if you let it loose during days, because the sunlight can still stream into the sheer material to give your bathroom natural daylight.

To create a dramatic sweet look, choose those floor-length sheer curtains so that you can easily tie it to hang on one side. So, you get the privacy and sunlight at the same time.

Traditional Style Bathroom Window Treatment with Patterned Curtain to Cover the Window


Most people love blinds as their bathroom window treatments because it does not require frequent clean-up. You would have to do some dusting to clean it, unlike other previous curtains which require washing. Also, blinds are so easy to operate. Once you need privacy, close them. When you prefer sunlight to flood the bathroom with natural light, open them.

Casual Curtain

For those windows over the sink, window-length little curtains can be the most logical solution compared to other bathroom window treatments. To make its presence noticeable, you can get ones which have cheerful colors and patterns, contrast to the room’s wall color. Clip rings are commonly used to hang the curtain because it is easier for you to open or close the curtains.

Retro Style Bathroom Window Treatment with Stunning Black Patterned Curtain

Untreated Ample Window of Contemporary Bathroom to Present Abundant Natural Lighting

Protecting the Bathroom from Direct Sunlight with Sheer White Blind on Window

Tiny Bathroom in the Attic with Window Treated with Brown Curtain and Valance to Meet the Color Scheme

Luxury Bathroom with Well Treated Windows Featuring Curtain Valance with Elegant Color

Ample Window in Small White Bathroom Treated with Double Blinds with Unique Pattern

Simple Minimalist Blinds in White to Cover Windows of Small Bathroom with Tiled Wall

Keeping Privacy inside Your Small Bathroom with Sheer White Blind to Meet Grey Room Painting

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