5 Amazing Exterior Paint Ideas

First impression is important; that’s what people often say about how we are dealing with someone we have not met or known before. That saying though, is so perfect to illustrate the significance of you choosing exterior paint ideas for your house. These color palettes have to outstanding and bold, so that they will be worth remembering for everyone passing by in front of your house’s door.

Stunning Grey and White Exterior Paint Idea When Completed with Stone Walling

Aqua, White and Ivory

One tip you have to remember every time you are thinking about painting or repainting your house’s exterior is making the door the point of interest. Here, aqua plays the role really well. It draws everyone’s eyes every time they walk across the door. To balance the bright shade of the door’s color, white and ivory are combined to coat the walls, window frames, and other rims.

Butter Yellow, Cool Green, and White

Yet, sometimes, door does not have to be the focal point of a house exterior, especially if you are interested in installing a glass door. So, where are you going to put the bold touch? Simply the walls, and one great color for that is cool green. Butter yellow and white are used in harmony on the rims, including the glass door frames.

Contemporary House with Interesting Exterior Paint Idea of Black and White Scheme

White and Dark Chocolate

I personally love simplicity and warmth, which is why I think this combination of white and dark chocolate is the best among exterior paint ideas. The color palette would even look much more beautiful on a desert ranch. All exterior walls are coated in white while the frames of glass door and windows are painted with dark chocolate. So simple, yet elegantly warm.

Pale Yellow, Cinnamon and Pure White

If you find a house with a color palette combining pale yellow, cinnamon and pure white, you are going to be reminded of a summer beach. The exterior walls are all coated in pale yellow, so that it will not make your eyes hurt while looking at the house. The cinnamon-painted door gives a beautiful contrast, accompanied with white window frames at the sides.

Balance Grey and White Touches of Exterior Paint Idea Decorated with Some Green Touches

Blue Gray, Crab Apple and Beige

For a classy look of an American vintage house, these exterior paint ideas are great. The door is coated in blue gray, contrasted to the crab apple-painted walls which resemble the flag of American nation. To balance the soft shade, beige is chosen to color the window and door frames.

Exterior Wall Paneling Completed with Grey Painting and Blended with White Pillars

Stylish House Employing Four Colors for Exterior Paint Ideas for the Best Look

Sleek Modern Home Supported with White Exterior Paint Working with Wooden Panels

Simple Duplex House with Simple Yet Popular Exterior Paint Ideas in Grey and White Scheme

Magnificent Duplex House with Blue Exterior Paint Idea with some White Touches

Nice Grey Shingled Gable to Complete Exterior Paint Ideas with White Window Shutters

Traditional Home with Grey Exterior Painting Combined with Wooden Shutters and Door

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