4 Tips to Consider to Boost Small Closet Design Looks

For those of you who have a huge collection of clothing and accessories, it becomes a necessity to keep your collection in a special room either a big or small closet design. It is a special room for all collections as well as room to change clothes and put on a make up. Usually, walk-in closet can be easily made with an area over 300m2. Walk-in closet can be made into a special room next to the bedroom or bathroom. The interior design for walk-in closet can also be made in line with your wishes as well.

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Walk-in closet can be completed with a tall cabinet with open or closed concept. For an open-concept, the entire collection will look like a private boutique. But with this concept, your clothes and accessories collection tend to get dirty more easily. While for closed concept, your collections of accessories and clothes will stay clean and look neat, but your closet will only exposed with closed-cabinets. However, if you only have empty space with less than 300m2, you do not need to worry as you still can have a walk-in closet with minimalist concept. Here are the tips to maximize your small closet design:

1. The best idea for placing walk in closet with a small space is by combining it with a bedroom or your bathroom. You can also put your walk in closet under your bedroom.

2. Create high-sized cabinets with lots of shelves in it and make them as much as possible to accommodate all of your collections. You can use transparent glass as the boundary between the bedroom and walk-in closet to make your room does not look cramped. Then, adjust the size of walk in closet based on your needs.

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3. Create a list of what items you will put in the walk-in closet to ease you in designing the furniture in it. A good interior design will help you accommodating all your exact needs. From looking at your list of goods, you can also calculate the exact amount of furniture to be placed in the walk-in closet as well as to expect the right placement. finally, you can specify the style of interior design that suitable with your taste, in order to make the walk in closet looks more attractive.

4. Do not forget the most essential thing for a walk-in closet: a mirror. You can put a rectangle-shaped mirror or spherical mirror to complete your small closet design looks.

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