4 Materials For Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Pattern and texture are two fundamental aspects we need to look up whenever we think about bringing rustic elements in to our house. You can rely on this principle if you are now considering about replacing your old kitchen cabinets with another rustic cabinet. However, it is not as easy as just repainting the old ones with the right color schemes to represent the rustic design. You may need to even remove your old cabinets.

Rustic design is indeed looking so timeless and genuine. It brings the atmosphere of countryside to your kitchen. Consequently, you may be able to feel fresher and also warm, affected by the wood’s remarkable traditional and authentic pattern. Yet, it might need you to pick up rustic kitchen cabinets with strong and timeless materials too.

Undeniable Rustic Kitchen Interior with Wooden Cabinets and Island and Exposed Beams


Generally, every kind of wood has their own specific pattern and texture which make them unique among other others. Pine itself is quite popular at showing its knots which look so rustic that no one could deny. Unfortunately, every good thing is not completely perfect. Pine is not so strong compared to other wood. It means that pine cabinets are not sufficiently durable. It would be much more serious if you cannot proceed proper treatment to the cabinets.


Compared to pine, cherry is certainly in much higher position, in term of the material’s strength. Cherry is quite strong which impacts on its price. You might be able to predict that its strength structure comes with its costly price which is even considered as the highest one. If you do not have problems with budget, then cherry is surely recommended. Completing it with some stacked stones as one of the kitchen’s natural elements, your rustic kitchen cabinets would work perfectly well.

Spacious Look Rustic Kitchen with Oak Cabinets and Island with Barstools

Maple and Hickory

These two options are offered to you if you want the same sturdiness as cherry cabinets but with a slightly lower price. Maple and hickory are also pretty durable to make as kitchen cabinets which we know would store a great number of objects. Their patterns and textures are also naturally beautiful.


Last but not least, oak is the one you would want the most to make kitchen cabinets. This wood wraps up the cherry’s strength and maple and hickory’s pricing level. In other words, oak is pretty durable, but offered in lower prices. Do not worry about its rustic look, because it surely has it ready for you.

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