4 Kitchen Window Ideas to get A Unique and Interesting Kitchen

One of important things that need to be considered when designing a kitchen is keeping the air circulation in the room remains smooth. The number of hot and dirty air that is generated during cooking is the main reason why we need the good air circulation system. Try to keep the kitchen has many apertures so that the dirty and clean air exchange goes smoothly. The apertures may be windows, doors, and opened walls.

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For the kitchen which has enough space for the window, make sure that the shape and window treatments are not harmful to the user. You should have fire-resistant materials such as aluminum and vinyl. If you want to use wood, it needs to be repainted regularly to avoid damage caused by humidity and weather impact. Besides paying attention to the material used, style or shapes of the windows are need to be considered to regulate the quantity of incoming air. Some of the kitchen window ideas that can be considered are:

1. The Double hung. It is a window design that has two shutters which are up and down. This Shutter is opened by sliding it up or rotating it so that it will provide an open space of about 50% of the size of the window. This type is rather difficult to be operated when placed across fields of work or sink, especially around the cooking area.

2. The sliding window. It is a window design that has a system that similar to a double hung. However, the shutters are shifted horizontally like a sliding door. This type is easier to be operated than the previous type, especially when placed across areas of work,

3. The window casement. It is a window with a pivot system that is simpler than the previous model. This type is easy to be operated despite of being across the sink. Ensure that the sash is opened outwards so it does not disturb people.

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4. The jalousie windows. It is commonly referred to the jalousie windows with tinted glass. This window has a grid shape which its ventilation holes has not too big size.

If you want to be more creative, you can add curtains with a unique motif to beautify your kitchen window. You can also choose the attractive colors for it. Many things that you can do, especially to your kitchen window to make it look more unique and interesting.

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