4 Insightful Kitchen Floor Ideas

Dealing with kitchen floor ideas is different from choosing the best flooring for your bedroom. Do you know what the reason is? Because there are simply many things happened on that flooring. Exposure to hot liquids or moisture damage are just two of high-traffic activities that may decrease the flooring’s performance and look. Anyone would not dare to find this in their kitchen since dull room may impact on everyone’s mood while entering the room.

Therefore, picking up the rightest floor ideas for your kitchen with the most suitable material is truly essential. Yet it does not mean that you can just forget how the flooring’s model affect the look of the overall kitchen.

Excellent Kitchen Floor Plan with Stainless Steel Cabinets with Island and Dining Space Next to Window


This kitchen floor idea is perfect for high-traffic areas like kitchen, and require low-maintenance. Don’t you think it would make really good kitchen floor? Well, travertine floor does not need to be cleaned every day. Even dry sweeping can be done only three times a week, while wet mopping takes a longer period, at least once a month.

Try to choose the right color that will get along well with your kitchen’s furniture and fixture. Some soft color schemes are good at making kitchen floor ideas.

Easy Access Concept of Kitchen Floor Plans with Stools and Living Space

Slate Tiles

Another low-maintenance kitchen floor you can consider is slate tiles. This flooring has unique color schemes which can hide dirt, dust and even pet hair. Though it does not mean that you do not have to sweep and mop it, you can at least save more time to delay the cleaning up time when something has to prevent you from doing it.

Talking about cleaning, since slate tiles are categorized as stone floor, you may want to get the right cleaning substance for that particular floor and several other kitchen floor ideas made of stone too.

Small Bright Kitchen with Beneficial Kitchen Floor Plan Maximizing the Ample Window


This material is truly beautiful to be arranged underneath our foot. The unique color and pattern is so natural that you do not have to bother about what colors match with the brick’s. Brick flooring is pretty good at going with various color schemes. In addition, by installing this brick floor, you will find a really nice atmosphere of having rustic kitchen.

Effective Kitchen Floor Plan with L Shaped Cabinets with Island Connected to Other Rooms


Last but not least, to complete these kitchen flooring ideas, you can still get wooden floor for your kitchen. Yet, oak is much preferred since it offers strength and natural beauty. Oak floors are also undeniably giving the room a sense of warmth that could not be fulfilled by any other.

Well Integrated Idea of Kitchen Floor Plan to Be Directly Connected to Living Space

Parallel Kitche Floor Plans with Cabinet and Island Completed with Creative Coloring Scheme

Industrial Style Kitchen Interior with Smart Floor Plan Interconnected to Dining Space

Smart Kitchen Floor Plan with Large Island Completed with Two Stools for Dining

Smart Kitchen Floor Plan with U Shaped Kitchen Cabinet with Island Completed with Stools

Traditional Kitchen with Tricky Floor Plan Adapting the Architectural Design with Windows and Door

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