4 Garage Shelving Ideas You Haven’t Thought About

Everyone with a garage at their home definitely understand the perks of having a garage, which is messy and unorganized. Most of us tend to keep bothering about how we have to manage storage space in the garage without attempting harder not to cause the mess. Yes, the problem is basically on you, who cannot control yourselves not to scatter everything in garage. The following garage shelving ideas are proofs that you can actually solve the issue.

Small Garage Wall Shelving Combined with Wall Racks and Ceiling Storage

Recycle Bin Hangers

One of the key principles you have to adopt while reorganizing your garage is freeing more horizontal space, which means maximizing the vertical area. For instance, instead of putting recycle bins on the floor, use some pieces of scrap wood to hang the bins against the wall. This storage idea would help you get the bins, which are usually scattered on the floor, organized neatly by the wall.

Screw Jars

If you have unused chocolate jam jars, get them cleaned now. Why? Because you are going to use it to store nails, screws, or bolts which are often left recklessly on the floor of the garage. Putting these jars in a larger box is fine, but it will be much greater if you screw the lids of the jars to the bottom of shelves in the garage. By this way, you can make sure that the jars would go anywhere by at the bottom of the shelves.

Closed and Open Garage Shelving Units Completed with Wall Racks to Keep Tools

Bungee Cord Storage

This idea is just so brilliant. Some of you who like playing basketball, volley or football might always put the balls inside your garage. However, most of you have problem with storing these balls neatly and efficiently. Hence, you can adopt one of these gorgeous garage shelving ideas, by hooking bungee cord to shelves vertically till it looks like a unique basket. Then you can just slip the balls into the space inside the bungee cords.

Tape Dispenser

Another object that often makes us has to dig in our drawers in garage is tape. Do not waste your time by looking for these tapes the whole morning. To fix the problem, consider making a DIY shelf for tapes made from scrap wood to attach the tapes into it. At one edge where the end of the tapes are facing to, attach a hacksaw blade. So every time you need to tear the tape, you do not have to pull it off from the shelf.

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