4 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

By | October 18, 2021

Have you ever stunned by a friend’s chandelier hung at the ceiling of his/her living room? You are crazy about that chandelier till you are thinking crazily that you can get the same lighting for your bathroom. Do you think it is a crazy idea? Well, it may be not. Some dreamy bathroom lighting ideas are proven to successfully make the house owner feels like wanting to spend hours soaking in the bathtub. If you want to have one for your bathroom, choose one from these following ideas.

Alluring Green Bathroom with Star Ceiling Lamps and Classic Chandelier for Decoration

Antique Chandelier

As mentioned earlier, it is possible for you to enjoy the dim light produced by a vintage chandelier hung above your bathtub. It would be looking so great with vintage-patterned wallpaper and a gold-leafed clawfoot bathtub, plus wooden flooring. Can you picture it in your mind? How beautiful do you think it would look when it is real? However, before deciding to pick up a chandelier, make sure that your head would not get hit while standing under the chandelier.

Modern Chrome Chandelier

This slim modern chrome chandelier is perfect for a large master bathroom. It does not look so bulky up there because of the skinny structure. The chrome branches look so modern. More importantly, this chandelier requires LED bulbs with low-voltage, so it is kind of a perfect kit for eco-friendly house. Though the chandelier has many branches for bulbs, the low-voltage LED will take less energy.

Soft Lighting for Neutral Toned Bathroom with Two Pendant Lights in Vanity Area

Crystal Chandelier

Well, it makes no problem if you love luxurious stuff more than anything. Even, you can bring in a crystal or glass chandelier to your luxurious bathroom. Do not think that this chandelier goes worthlessly, since the crystal or glass is able to expand the light produced by the bulb to the whole room more. Moreover, crystal would make sparkling light for the room of which furniture and fixture are also looking so matched with the extraordinary chandelier.

Futuristic Light

Well, there may still be chandeliers in 10 years from now, but it is almost certain that this futuristic lighting would have a place. LED strips are used as the lighting source which can be controlled by dimmer switches. So you will be able to set how dim or bright you want the lighting to be. A glass geometric frame is used to place the LED strips in. Then it is put under a soffit over the tub. Do you think it could top our dreamy bathroom lighting ideas?

Combining Ambient and Decorative Lamps for Bathroom Lighting Ideas in Neutral Tone

Decorative Chandelier for Bathroom Lighting Ideas Supported by Ceiling Lamps

Soothing Bathroom Lighting Ideas Supported by Wall and Ceiling Lamps

Hidden Bathroom Lighting Ideas under Floating Look Tub and on the Blue Ceiling

Surprising Decorative Lighting for Bathroom Creating a Nice Pattern on the Wall and Mirror

Smooth Bathroom Lighting Ideas from the Wall Mirrors Completed with Modern Sconces

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