4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

By | November 6, 2022

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan – This fresh 4 bedroom farmhouse plan welcomes you with a flexible bonus room above the wrapped front porch, open concept living space and spacious 3 car garage. The main living space has vaulted ceilings and large sliding doors to access the spectacular outdoor entertainment space. The fully equipped kitchen has everything you need and is complete with a large island, eating bar and walk-in pantry. The bedrooms are all a good size and the master suite has his two vanities, a tub space and shower, and a large walk-in closet that leads directly to the laundry room.

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4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

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Bedroom, 3 Bath, 1,900 2,400 Sq. Ft. House Plans

*Total square footage typically includes air-conditioned spaces only and does not include garages, porches, bonus rooms, or decks.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

*Materials List Note: When you order a materials list, we will send you a list of materials needed to create this plan. Please note that the material list conforms to the standard plan (slab or crawl space only). Additional options such as basement and his 2×6 wall transformations are not reflected in the materials list.

Note for 2×6 wall option: When choosing the 2×6 wall option, the added stud depth is applied to the inside of the wall.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Sandy Ridge House Plan

Five printed plan sets are mailed, plus the PDF plan set is ideal for fast electronic delivery and inexpensive local printing.

Additional hard copies of the Plan (can be ordered at time of purchase and within 90 days from date of purchase).

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Learn basic building ideas with these four detailed diagrams that cover electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural topics.

Barndominium House Plan

List of building supplies needed to build the infrastructure of your new home. Note that the material list does not reflect add-ons such as alternate foundations or framing options.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

You can only build one house from a set of plans unless you purchase an “unlimited” plan set or a multi-use license. Please contact us by phone if you would like more than one installation. Plan licenses are non-transferable and cannot be resold.

Plan 430-297 On Sale For $985.50! 1498 Sq Ft 1 Story 3 Beds 64′ Wide 2 Baths 48′ Depth Plan 430-310 On Sale For $985.50! 1196 sq ft 1 story 2 bed 32′ wide 2 bath 45′ deep plan 430-217 SOLD FOR $1030.50! 1521 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 52′ 4″ wide 2 bath 55′ 10″ deep plan 430-242 Now on sale for $1120.50! 2974 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 86′ 8″ wide 3.5 bath 73′ deep Plan 430-140 Selling for $1075.50! 2004 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 56′ 8″ wide 2.5 bath 66′ 10″ deep Plan 430- 282 Sold at $985.50! 1064 sq ft 1 story 2 bed 30′ wide 2 bath 48′ deep Plan 430-156 Sold at $1120.50! 2686 sq ft 1 story 4 bed 76′ wide 2.5 bath 66 ‘ 8″ deep Plan 430-157 On Sale $1075.50 On Sale! 2073 sq ft 1 story 3 beds 66′ 6″ wide 2 baths 54′ deep Plan 430-184 On Sale for $1075.50! 2373 sq ft 1 story 4 Bed 70′ 6″ Wide 2.5 Bath 66′ 10″ Deep Plan 430- 187 Sold for $1075.50! For Sale at $1255.50! 3366 sq ft 1 story 4 bed 98′ wide 3.5 bath 75′ 10″ deep plan 430-197 For Sale at $1255.50! 3076 sq ft 1 story 4 bed 88′ wide 3.5 bath 67′ 8″ Deep Plan 430-205 On Sale For $1120.50! 2763 Sq Ft 1 Story 4 Bed 89′ 8″ Wide 3.5 Bath 68′ 8″ Deep Plan 430-215 Sold For $1075.50! 2390 Sq Ft 1 Story 4 bed 66′ wide 3 bath 84′ deep Plan 430-221 On Sale For $1030.50! For Sale! 3086 Sq Ft 1 Story 4 Bed 85′ 8″ Wide 3.5 Bath 69′ Depth Plan 430-223 10 For Sale at $75.50! 2395 sq ft 1 story 3 bed 81′ 4″ wide 2.5 bath 67′ 8″ deep Plan 430- 227 for sale $985.50 for sale! 1257 sq ft 1 story 2 bed 35′ wide 2 bath 48’ 6″ deep

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Open Plan Two Storey 4 Bedrooms, Autocad Plan

Some plans are also featured on other websites and print catalogs. We promise to sell these plans at or below the lowest prices available elsewhere. If the regular price plan (not “sale”) is the lower price, it will be 5% less than the advertised price. Match the price of the plan on sale.

Once our staff confirms that the same plan is offered at a lower published price, we will sell the plan at the lower published price minus 5%. Discount applies to immediate plan purchases only. Call 1-800-913-2350.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Items advertised must be of the same plan as the product purchased, including set type (5-part, 8-part, reproducible, or CAD set), foundation options, and other details. The advertised price must be the same currency in which the original product was purchased. Our price guarantee does not apply to advertising errors or typographical errors, special pricing, restricted offers, mail order offers, rebates, coupons, premium, free or bonus offers, OEM. Products, limited or minimum quantities or limited time offers, closeouts, liquidations, clearances and special funding offers.

Cool House Plans And Home Floor Plans

Only full set plans such as PDF, 5-part, 8-part, Reproducible or CAD are eligible for this offer. The first set, study set, additional set, and material list are not eligible for this campaign.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

All sales on home plans and customizations/modifications are final. No refunds or exchanges can be made once the order has started the fulfillment process.

All of the home plans above are designed to comply with the building codes of when and where the original home was designed.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Hampton Road House Plan

In addition to the floor plan you order, you may also need a site plan showing where the house will be located on the site. You may also need beams sized to accommodate site-specific roof loads. Your homebuilder can usually help you with this. Unless your lot is being served by a sanitary sewer system, you may also need a septic tank design. Now, there are region-specific energy codes that must be followed. This usually involves filling out a simple form that provides documentation that the house plans are in compliance.

In some areas, there is a necessary second step to ensure that your home plan complies with local codes. Some parts of North America have very strict engineering requirements. Examples include, but are not limited to, earthquake-prone areas in California and the Pacific coast, and hurricane-prone areas in Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Carolina coast. New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and parts of Illinois also require local expert review. If you are building a building in these areas, you may need to hire a state-licensed structural engineer to analyze your design and provide additional drawings and calculations required by the building department. is higher. If you’re not sure, building departments usually have handouts that list all the items you need to submit to get a building permit.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Additionally, stock plans are not professionally stamped. If your building department requires it, they will only accept a stamp from a licensed professional in the state you are planning to build. I have to take it home and get it reviewed and stamped. Additionally, plans used to build homes in Nevada must be prepared by a licensed Nevada architect. See our Disclosure Policy.

Traditional House Plan

After covering 50 floor plans in studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, move on to bigger options. A four-bedroom apartment or house can provide plenty of space for the average family.It has ample square footage, including a master bedroom, formal dining room, and outdoor space, and may even be the ideal size. No. The house plans included in this article will give you lots of great ideas on how to best arrange and even decorate this type of house. The visualizations here range from modern chic to suburban and cozy. Keep reading to get more ideas for space in your home or apartment.

4 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

This urban home from Estado Properties features an interesting variety of flooring options, a huge gourmet kitchen,

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