3 Things to Consider to Set Your Rustic Bedroom

Having typical countryside bedroom which looks simple and often rough in appearance is quite interesting for people. Yes, you can call this kind of design in a single word ‘rustic’. This design becomes more popular nowadays especially for those who like classic countryside atmosphere. The rustic atmosphere includes the sense of nature, simple, vintage, and minimalist.

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1. Using Wooden Materials and Light Colour for Additional Things

Rustic sense can be gained by using wooden materials. Using wooden materials for your rustic bedroom also give the room natural sense; it is close to impress people who stay inside with natural atmosphere. You can build the house, especially your bedroom with wooden materials. You can make the entire rooms with wooden things, such as the bed, the door, the side table, the lamp frame and even the wall.
Besides using wooden materials, you can also use other additional things, such as armchair and sofa, in your room. However, you’d better choose the colour of the armchair and sofa in the same mood as the dominant colour of your room. Since most of the rooms using wooden materials, the colour brown is the most appropriate colour to choose.

2. Taking Care of Wooden Things Inside

Because your bedroom is rustic, there are a lot of wooden things inside. You have to take care of the things in order to make the wood long last. You’d better make a quite big glass window, of course with wooden frames, in order to let the light in. The light can warm the room and keep the wooden things dry. So, the wooden things will not easily harm by fungi. However, you must prevent the direct sunlight hit the wooden furniture inside because the direct UV can fade the colour. You can apply UV protection to your glass window.

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3. Applying Vintage Decoration

This is also important for you to decorate your bedroom with vintage furniture or other things you have. You can just simple put a pile of old suitcases in one side or edge of the bedroom. You can also attach a mirror with carved pattern on the frame. Besides that, you put some small old photographs inside wooden vintage frames as the decoration on your side table .

Those are things for your rustic bedroom ideas. The following ideas are only simple things that you can practice to your rustic bedroom. However, you can develop your own creativity to design and set your rustic bedroom. The important point is that you have to keep your bedroom clean and tidy so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed inside.

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