3 Super-Brilliant Deck Design Ideas

Enjoying the city view from our home’s deck is an amazingly irreplaceable. Sitting on a couch to feel the breeze, and sipping a cup of coffee we have always thought about as we are sitting by our office desk, are such unimaginable soothing break time. Have you pictured all those things in your mind? Because if you have, then you can go to this following section to get the best deck design ideas to inspire you making your own.

Smart Combination of Wooden Deck Design with Concrete Flooring for A Complete Patio

Alfresco-Themed Deck

Most decks are pictured as a wooden platform, extended from our house to the backyard. However, it does not have to be always like that. It does not have to be so large that your house land cannot cover. So, here is an idea to design a deck which is also a porch located at the back of your house. Some rattan chairs and matched tables are chosen to fill the space which faces to the lake behind the house.

When the sun sets, its light brighten up this deck so dimly that you can feel the warmth. Besides using this space as a relaxing space, you can gather your family here to have a family dinner with a little more modification.

Sloping Deck

To maximize the sloping area at your backyard, you can imaginatively design a deck which is consisted of several terrains and stairway heading to a lake behind the house. This trick could also be used to minimize accidents, besides making the lake more accessible from your house.

To complete the deck’s layout, place some chairs, but not too many, since this deck would more likely be used as an access to the lake. Yet, it does not mean that you can lay down on a couch on the deck to enjoy the sun kisses your skin.

Interesting Two Tiers Wooden Deck Design for Outdoor Living and Dining Space

Balcony-themed Deck

From distance, this deck looks like a balcony of a house located on a valley with trees surrounding the place. But when you get in there, you can find that it is basically a very beautiful and earthy deck. This one is undoubtedly the most brilliant design among deck design ideas. It is so simple, yet so beautifully arranged.

A set of dining table is placed on it to add the deck more function, which is an outdoor dining room. This super-brilliant design would make you feel like you want to live there forever, leaving all those paper work and spend the rest of your life with the nature.

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