3 Rare-But-Fascinating Interior Design Styles

By | October 24, 2021

Let us move away a little bit from contemporary, modern or minimalist interior design styles to other things that are also breathtakingly worthy. It is not to say that those three mentioned styles are terrible, outdated, or irrelevant to be your kind of interior design favorites. Yet, there are other styles that you would probably find magnificent!

Contemporary Living Room Interior Design with Wooden Ceiling and Stone Accent Wall

Art Deco Style

To get much of this interior design style, you would need to really comprehend the basis underlying its creation. It is mentioned that Art Deco was generated after World War I, so it was like everybody trying to renew their wealth and prosperity through their property’s design. Based on that opinion, you could imagine how people at that time loved playing with bright colors and metal elements.

From surface, Art Deco is visualized as sleek and clean style, with less texture, so that the decorative and ornate objects as well as furniture could stand out. Black, green, red, white, chrome and gold are among the common color schemes used in an Art Deco room. Those colors can be applied on walls, ornament, furniture, and other decorative touches.

Retro Style

One of the most authentic and unique interior design styles you should think about is Retro style. This design would bring you back to decades ago, where mixture of old and new is explored. That’s where you can start mixing and matching old stuff or furniture with new touched from modern world.

If you still keep your parents’ belongings from the 50s, 60s or 70s, bring them back to life with new colors, or simply combine them with other new materials without giving much modification. In short, you are going to play a bit wilder with your imaginations. Get the old and new mixed beautifully and remarkably.

Openness Interior Design Style with Unique Shelf Divider and Colorful Touches of Furnishing

Urban Style

Compared to the two previous interior design styles, you might be much more interested in this one. Urban interior design is distinguished by its non-traditional home materials and design features, which can be looking so bohemian, while at the same time modern. Concrete floors, galvanized steel and metal siding are some of the traces of this concept’s presence.

Besides, space is a significant consideration. It has to be maximized even if you have to unite two rooms into one room without elimination function from each room. Polished fixture is also invited to this interior design style to expose its structural material as well the uniqueness of the design. If you have ever felt being in an industrial room, while you are at someone’s house, then that is what Urban is all about.

Spacious Living Room with Raised Ceiling Furnished with Hanging Fireplace and Unique Seating

Surprising Wall Texture Decorating Living Room Interior with Stylish Furniture

Small Living Rm with Loveseat and Ottomans Combined with Patterned Rug for Good Interior

Cozy Home Office Interior Design with Soothing Lighting and Ample Windows with Outside View

Modern Living Room Interior Design with L Shaped Sofa and Occasional Chairs and Tables

Excellent Colors Combination for Bedroom Interior Design with Exposed Ceiling Beams

Minimalist Living Room with White Sofa and Black Tables Decorated with Natural Plantations

Stylish Home Interior Design with Patterned Wall and Unique Decorative Elements

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