3 Powerful Tips for Your Office Decoration Ideas

An average employee may get bored as they spend most of their time (around 8 hours per day) in their workspace, thus, it is needed for employer to know and implement office decoration ideas in a way to make their employee get rid of boredom and further increase the productivity. Two of the examples for this case are google and yahoo. Both companies have unique design for their workspace that equipped with various futuristic design as well as complete office furniture to make their employee feel comfortable to work. Below are 3 powerful tips for implementing office decoration ideas to make the employee feel comfortable and enjoy working in the office:

Magnificent Interior Office Decoration Ideas With Double Desks and Bookshelves

a. Choose the right color

Wall color is one of the most important things, beside it can represent the image of company, wall color can also affect the mood for the employee. A standard color that is used to cover the wall is either cream or white. However, both white and cream color will make your room looks monotone. Thus, to overcome this case, you can also mix and match it with some other color that will make your work space looks fresher! You can use different color for some special rooms such as smoking room, lounge room, pantry or meeting room. Avoid choosing dark color as it can make the room looks small.

b. Choose the right furniture

Office furniture must be matched with wall color, in order to create a harmonious atmosphere of the interior design. In addition, to make the employee feel more comfortable, you can also implement minimalist design concept. Beside it will make your room looks larger, implementing minimalist concept can also help you to make a calmer nuance for the office decoration. Moreover, it is always a best idea to hang some painting as decorations in your office such as wall posters, superheroes miniature or other cute icons to leave a relax atmosphere without disturbing the work productivity.

Luxurious Office Decoration Ideas Using Wooden Desk also Office Chair

c. Provide room for leisure time

Besides providing rooms that is used for daily working, a company should also consider creating a comfortable as well as unique space for leisure time. This room can be used for the employee to spend their break time away from their jobs for a while. Thus, this facility can really help them to get back to work with fresher spirit and mood after break time.

Those are the 3 powerful tips to help you implementing office decoration ideas.

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