3 of The Best Tips To Design Modern Kitchen Island

Kitchen is used for more than just cooking but also for congregating, thus many people consider that kitchen is the soul of the house and when the time comes to remodel the kitchen, modern kitchen island can be your best idea for its concept. In many cases, the homeowner tend to put small kitchen space and often in an isolated place of the house. Nowadays, many homeowners want a kitchen that has multifunction, not only for a casual for dining but also can be used as a nice workspace or place to enjoy your leisure time. Here are 3 of the best tips on how to design modern kitchen island.

Awful Rolling Tables under Pendant Lights also Cabinet Beside Windows

1. Proportional size

While you are thinking about what features and appliances are suitable to fill your kitchen island, it is also important for you to divine the proportions of the existing space of your kitchen. Many homeowners believe that having a large kitchen island is a blessing since there is large available space it offers. However, you must carefully think about the proportional size of your kitchen. Because if the space of your kitchen is too big, then there will be waste of precious unused space.

2. Enough aisle space

Many homeowners tend to forget about giving enough aisle space, as they are too focused on the features and appliances itself. If you have a small kitchen space, then it is recommended for you to give a minimum of 36 inches, while an ideal ones is 42 inches between the counters. Having too huge space between the kitchen island and the counter is not ideal either, as it wastes your efforts as well as times to design between the two.

Best Cabinet With Storage also Granite Top For Modern Kitchen Island Furniture

3. Think out of the box

When you are about to design modern kitchen island, then always try to think out of the box! Kitchen island can become a wonderful focal point in your house if they are well thought of. One of the recommended ways to design a modern kitchen island is by applying alternative cabinet finishes or countertop materials that can provide an eye-catching design, especially for a large kitchen space. You can also maximize the kitchen island design by putting additional details, for instance, furniture wraps or paneled sides and backs which can also boost modern looks.

Those are all the 3 of the best tips that you can follow to create your own modern kitchen island.

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