3 Creative Wood Paneling Ideas that Will Instantly Beautify Your House

Wood paneling can bring warmth and intimacy to your house. Even though installing the panel is harder compared to painting or pasting wallpaper, once it is there, you will feel that all your hard work is paid off. The great thing about wood paneling is you can apply it on the floor, on the wall and even on the ceiling. Each part will give different vibe and you are free to choose which one suits your style the best. It is true however that wood paneling has distinctive traditional and rustic atmosphere that it can be challenging to incorporate it in modern house. If you can channel your creative side, wood paneling actually can look even more beautiful and current. To help you with this designing quest, here are some beautiful wood paneling ideas especially for you.

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Decorate with Stencil

Wood paneling is nice but it can look boring and dull, especially if it has been on your wall for ages. To solve this, you can use stencil to renew the style of the paneling. Stencil is very easy to use and most importantly, you can choose the patterns and colors that will go in sync with your taste and personality. If you actually loathe the wood panel on your wall but removing it is too much hassle for you, covering it with stencil is a clever way to give different and more feminine atmosphere at your house.

Combine with Different Texture

To spread more modern vibe in the room, it is best if you combine the wood paneling with other material in the other part of the room. For example, you can stick with the ordinary painted wall to elevate the modern atmosphere but the ceiling is covered with wood paneling which will make your room warmer. The combination of two different textures will make the wood element pops out without making your room looks too rustic at the same time.

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Use the Wood Paneling for Shelves Background

This is one of the most creative wood paneling ideas you will ever find. We all agree that wood paneling is beautiful and unique. So, why hide it behind huge bookshelves? Actually, it will be much more fun and creative if you ditch the back side of your shelf and showcase the beauty of the wood paneling on your wall. The decorative backdrop of the wood paneling definitely will be more eye catching and give stronger design statement.

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