3 Characteristics You Cannot Miss in Italian Kitchen Decor

Italian kitchen decor has some distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other styles. Even though it seems like there are many things you need to do, this design is actually very easy to pull off, especially if you know where to find the stuff necessary. Italian style kitchen is full with rustic and traditional atmosphere so this is the best style for you if you want to have a warm kitchen with a lot of unique decorations. To make sure you can create the most authentic Italian kitchen, make sure you incorporate these following characteristics.

Astonishing Italian Kitchen With L Shaped Cabinet Plus Mounted Shelve

Colors that Remind Us with Nature

The most noticeable element in Italian kitchen décor is its connection with the nature. That’s why this style always incorporates a lot of colors that remind us with nature such as shades of brown, green, and blue. The best thing about this characteristic is the fact that the choice of color is practically endless because our nature possesses so many beautiful colors. Of course it is best to use earthy colors like reddish brown or yellowish brown as the dominant color. However, you can also put some lavender purple or even orange as accents. Color is a very important element in this style so make sure you choose it carefully.

Rustic Furniture

Italian kitchen is famous for its rustic and traditional vibe. So, you don’t have to invest in new and shiny furniture because rustic furniture will do better in this kitchen. Slightly distressed furniture that looks like something our grandmother inherits to us is the ultimate Italian kitchen characteristics. Just like the color, the furniture must incorporate natural elements as well. For the countertops, it is best if you stay away from stainless steel or veneer wood. Instead, go with natural wood, stone or granite if you want to add some luxurious vibe to the kitchen. For the furniture, it is best to go with darker tone wood instead of the lighter tone to elevate the old Italian atmosphere.

Delightful Cabinet Also Bar Table and Chair Plus Pendant Lighting

Wall Accessories

If you love playing with accessories, Italian kitchen décor is the most suitable design for you because it allows you to play with plenty of accessories. In fact, Italian kitchen is all about accessories. No wonder Italian can create such delicious cooking because they cook in such a beautiful environment. The art wall that screams Italian kitchen are nature painting and wall lettering. You can put your favorite quotes on the wall and let them remind you to keep moving forward every single day.

Fresh Italian Kitchen With Contemporary Cabinet and Bar Chairs

Impressive Cabinet also Bar Chair For Spacious Italian Kitchen Decor

Interesting Cabinet With Dark Top also Lighting For Italian Kitchen Decor

Lovely Bar Table and Black Chair For Italian Kitchen Design

Magnificent Dining Table Set also Cabinet For Italian Kitchen Decor

Marvelous Italian Kitchen Decor With Black Cabinet and Red Table

Nervous Pendant Lighting Above Cabinet Plus mounted Shelve For Kitchen Decor

Wondrous Italian Kitchen Decor Using Orange Cabinet also Modern Table and Chair

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