3 Brilliant Fire Pit Ideas for Your House

To be able to enjoy the heat of flame on a fire pit is truly worth it. Even, when you can have it at your house’s patio. With some bottles of cold beer to warm the togetherness among your family, even a simple fire pit could play unexpectedly significant role to keep the home’s harmony. Have you ever thought about some fire pit ideas? Or even, you have probably had one at home.

Then what materials you use to build the fire pit? Today, more varieties of fire pit ideas are invented. If you could only rely on stacked stone fire pits in the past, then today you could even have one which is mobile. Mind seeing some of the stuff in the following section.

Multi Tiered Outdoor Patio with Wooden Deck Completed with Rustic Style Fire Pit Idea

Stacked Stone Fire Pits

Though this model has long been so popular, stacked stone fire pits have not yet lost its attractiveness. This design shows us something about traditional and natural atmosphere. When it is attached on a perfect spot at your patio, everyone at home would be so delighted to spend most of quality family time there. In addition, this stacked stone fire pit is pretty flexible to be used at small or large patios.

It is because you can freely choose the size of the stones you would use to make the fire pit. Some people prefer the flat ones while others like the regular ones. Just bear in your mind that this fire pit would get along with your need and budget.

Coffered Patio with Wooden Deck and Grey Seating Completed with DIY Fire Pit

Mobile Fire Pits

One obvious benefit of having a mobile fire pit to complete intimate moments in your family is that you can easily move it somewhere else when you want to use the space for other functions. For instance, a C-shaped seating area is arranged around the corner of your patio. You want to maximize the space in the middle to enable multiple functions, such as for outdoor dining area. But sometimes, you can also enjoy warming each other with a mobile fire pit with height just some inches from the floor.

Appealing Metal Fire Pit Idea with Unique Animal Patterns Added on Wooden Deck

In-Ground Fire Pits

Sunken or in-ground fire pits are pretty cool to try in your new house. It is pretty efficient because it does not require you to get stones to build the pit. You just have to make a hole with a desired shape, but do not forget to measure the right depth of the pit. When the flame is off, the fire pit would not trouble much of the patio’s landscape.

Cozy Outdoor Patio with Rounded Stone Floor with Fire Pit Surrounded with Armchairs

DIY Rounded Fire Pit Idea Surrounded by Built in Stone Seating Unit and Wooden Armchairs

Multi Purpose Fire Pit Idea Also Functioned as Coffee Table Surrounded with White Sofa

Unique Bowl Fire Pit Surrounded with Benches and Armchairs to Complete Outdoor Patio

Contemporary Gas Fire Pit in Rectangular Shape for Small patio with Sectional Sofa

Unusual DIY Fire Pit Idea Extended to Stone Flooring for Wooden Outdoor Chairs

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