3 Bright and Unique Inspirations For Home Interior Design

By | October 9, 2021

Doing some ‘mix and match’ work with home interior furniture or selecting the right paint colors for your master bedroom is just the way that most people would think about. If you are a type of visionary, you should have come with incredibly outstanding ideas about working with your home interior design.

Why following the noise if you can create your own? Start exploring your creativity by bringing things home that will startle every guest coming to your house. Make your house an unforgettable and inspiring place for whoever catching your house through their eyes.

Contemporary Interior Design for Bedroom with Textured Wall and Floating Bed and Storage

Bifunctional Staircase

Bored with monotonous wooden staircase which you can only pass through whenever you need to? Staircase is an integral part in a minimally double-storied home. Yet, some of us have always use it as an access to get to upper level of our house. You might have realized that you can use the lower space of the staircase as storage. But that’s also quite common.

Then what about modifying the staircase to work as bookcase? You surely will not need to eliminate the main function of the element, but maximizing the unused space at the side or lower space of the staircase to be a neat book storage is a true great idea. Consider having a professional carpenter to help you design the built-in bookcase.

Dominating White Coloring and Black Accent of Contemporary Living Room Interior Design

Vertical Garden

This one home interior design inspiration should have long been in your modern house. Vertical garden has been thought by many interior designers to maximize small spaces in small houses which desires to bring in natural elements. It is a really good idea, considering our environmental conditions today which require more plants to be planted.

However, it the magnificent garden placed at your minimalist backyard, then it would be just like other houses. So, why not applying the vertical to one side of walls at the kitchen? Doesn’t it spread fresh and positive atmosphere around the area?

Excellent Home Interior Design with Well Integrated Living, Dining and Bedding

Transparent Bathtub

Don’t think it’s a ridiculous idea until you see it by yourselves in your small bathroom. Small spaces, particularly bathrooms give us plenty of issues we can surely overcome. One of them is by selecting bathroom fixtures which can expand the light to make a more spacious atmosphere. A transparent bathtub made of glass will do it for you without you needing to worry about having to small tub to soak in.

Surprising Low Seating Area with Sectional Sofa and Unpredictable Wooden Wall and Ceiling for Interior Design

Minimalist Home Interior Design with Accent Black Wall and Free Standing Black Bookshelf

Neat and Bright Home Interior with Perfect Layout and Interconnected Living and Dining

Stylish Home Interior with Unpredictable Architecture Design with White Painting and Wooden Flooring

Appealing Wall and Ceiling Designs Completing Home Interior Decoratin in Black and White

Creative Bookshelf Divider in White to Also Display some Ornaments and Decorate Interior

Dramatic Home Interior Design with Red and Dark Grey Color Scheme for Minimalist Living Room

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