3 Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Black-and-white theme will never go outdated. It is versatile. You can never go wrong with these monochromatic sphere, not exceptionally for a bedroom. If you wish to have a bedroom with dramatic and timeless look, then black and white is surely a good choice. Black and white bedroom does not make you have to ignore other colors to accompany the two main colors. It is just that whenever you enter the room, the black and white atmosphere is undeniable.

Interesting Black and White Mural above Headboard Completing Black and White Bedroom Interior Concept

Airy Black and White

If your bedroom is rather small while you desire to coat its wall with black and white paint, don’t worry about the black paint that will make the room look even smaller. Apply the black paint on one wall only, while the rest of the walls are in white. Hang ceiling-length sheer curtain by the window to make the room look higher. Also, choose a bed without a headboard. It would leave the wall against it more spacious, and dramatically it would also affect the whole room’s view. To make the monochromatic theme less boring, you can invite other brighter colors, such as purple to accentuate the color palette. Place it on the smaller elements, such bed sheet or chair in the corner.

Bold Black and White

You can certainly go bold with black and white, also pattern. As a reference, a modern and simple bedroom is embellished with a full-printed patterned wallpaper in black and white. In order to avoid interruption, the bed is made so simple, with no headboard and covered with white sheet. Also, the ceiling is coated with white, looking like it is the reflection of the white bed. Wooden flooring is chosen to balance the so bold black and white.

Rectilinear Decorative Black Trims in Custom Shape and Printed Letters on Wall for Bedroom Decor

Contrasted Black and White

It turns out that black and white bedroom does not have to coat its walls with black and white paints or cover it with monochrome wallpaper. Even a bedroom with purple walls can still deliver its black and white atmosphere strongly. You can make your own by contrasting the purple walls with all black and white bed. From the sheet to the cushions and also canopy, black and white accent should be emphasized. Complete the view with black and white wall painting above the headboard. For a calmer look, replace the purple paint with beige which gets along really well with the flooring and orange armchair in the corner.

Elegant Black and White Bedroom with Retro Style Patterns and Golden Pillows

Stylish White Wall Shelving and Desk Combined with Black Wall and Grey Rug of Contemporary Bedroom

Minimalist Black and White Bedroom with Floating Bed and Colorful Rug for Decoration

Surprising Floral Pattern for Black and White Rug and Wall Mural Completing Bedroom Interior

Alluring Black and White Painting for Contemporary Bedroom with Floating Wall Storage and Mount TV

Black Painted Wall behind White Floating Bed Completed with Decorative Lighting

Unique Headboard and Classic Side Tables in Black to Meet White Painted Bedroom

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