3 Best Tips Before Installing Modern Wall Mounted Bookcase

By | December 28, 2020

Are you searching for modern storage place for your book collections? Then you should consider implementing wall mounted bookcase. If you have a small space, every detail matters. Thus, you need to be very careful on how to turn your small space turns your reading space optimally. Here are the 3 decorating tips for you to create an effortlessly chic wall mounted bookcase:

Perfect Family Room Decor Using Wall Mounted Bookcase Near Fireplace also Chair

a. Swap the traditional freestanding bookcase into wall mounted bookcase

One of the reasons why you should immediately swap your freestanding bookcase into wall mounted bookcase is that the functionality that follows current lifestyle needs. Nowadays, many people prefer to implement minimalist as their home concept. If you are one of those people, then applying wall mounted bookcase can be your best solutions to overcome your space limitations. This wall mounted bookcase take up less floor space that it can also hold more stuffs to put them all the way to the ceiling than a traditional bookcase. It is definitely your best solutions as stuffs storage into a corner of the living or family room.

b. Use the right screws

Always keep in mind that it is a bad idea to use any old as well as drywall screws to hang a bookcase. Make sure that you use a good quality weed screw such as Spax and GRK. The screw later should be put deep enough to go through the plaster or drywall, the back or hanging rail and around 1 inch into the wood stud. In addition, it is not necessarily to use longer screws, as the longer the screw you use for hanging, the more likely you can damage a wire or a pipe installed in it.

Pleasant Office Room With Desk and Chair also Wall Bookshelve

c. Measure the height and width of space

Before installing the wall mounted bookcase, it is important to measure the height and width of the bookcase that adjusted to put whatever the things you want to pun on it, such as CDs, books or paper storage. You can also make some space on your bookcase for filling magazine or boxes files. Moreover, you can also create creative arrangement at the bottom to build a sort of bench. The bench later can be used as a display space for family photos or served as an extra space for parties.

Those are the 3 best of the tips that you can implement before installing wall mounted bookcase in your room.

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