3 Best Ideas to Create Your Own Unique Bed Frames

By | December 10, 2020

Choosing beds can be very crucial as it might affects the comforts for resting and sleeping every day and you might also not ignore another part that can boost your moods to rest, it is choosing unique bed frames. Thus, we have to be very careful in choosing the suitable design that matched with the overall concept of your house, in order to get the maximum comfort in your room. Unfortunately, there are many people who find it difficult to express and create their own bed design. Here are ideas for you to create unique bed frames:

Elegant Bedroom Decoration Ideas Using Curve Unique Bed Frames and Lush Wall

1. Platform beds

Platform beds are well known for its characteristics as clean and simple style. Because of this characteristic, many people put platform beds into a minimalist category. The frame of platform beds is quite flexible because it is not really heavy to lift and move. This frame is also useful to create ventilation so that you can keep your beds away from bacteria or bad smell, which also makes this bed more durable. If you have an overall minimalist concept for your house, then choosing platform beds is a great idea to complete your room.

2. Canopy beds

Canopy beds is another unique bed frames that you can choose if you are into contemporary design. These beds are usually equipped with canopy on the top of the beds that connected by 4 pillars with around 1,2 m high in each corner side of the beds. You can express your creativity and make your own unique canopy bed frames by adding ornaments or patterns from upholstery. Canopy beds is also suitable for you who likes bohemian theme as you can decorate the top pillars with chiffon or silk fabrics to create relaxing as well as free atmosphere in your room. If you have a large space and have classic concept, then choosing canopy beds is very suitable to bring romantic nuance for your bedroom.

Beautiful Chandelier and Unique Bed Frames plus Chair For Bedroom

3. Four-poster beds

Are you searching for an elegant as well as unique bed frames? Then, you may consider choosing four-poster beds. It is actually almost similar to canopy beds, but this type does not have fabrics to cover the top of beds. The four pillars surround in each corner side of the beds is made of high quality oak wood materials. By choosing four-poster beds in your bedroom, you will automatically get and feel a touch of luxurious yet classic design. It is definitely the best idea to create this unique bed frames as well to get romantic nuance at the same time by placing four-poster beds in your room.

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