3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

By | January 16, 2023

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Whether you’re moving into a new home, building a home, or just want to get some inspiration for the layout of the place you already live, viewing a 3D floor plan can be quite helpful. Beautiful modern house plans are often hard to find but these images, from leading designers and architects, show various ways in which the standards are the same – in this case, three rooms sleep – can work in many different configurations. The three-bedroom house is a wonderful combination of space and style, leaving room for growing families or entertaining guests. Take a look at these 25 new options for a three-bedroom home layout and you’re sure to find the right one for you.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Featuring a large open-air outdoor space as well as a cozy dining room, this three-bedroom space is ideal for entertaining.

Three Bedroom House Plans

Three bedrooms doesn’t always mean three beds. This home turns that third space into a comfortable home office.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

The common areas are kept on the opposite side of the bedrooms in this small but organized option.

An L-shaped house allows for plenty of privacy in the bedroom and plenty of space in the living area.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

House Plan 3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathrooms, Garage, 3276

Perfectly designed for a small family, this three-bedroom house keeps the master bedroom separate from the children’s room for privacy at both ends.

What the third bedroom in this house lacks in space, it creates access to a private balcony. Watch for any teenagers sleeping there…

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

By placing the dining table in the kitchen, this layout opens up more space for the living area.

Bedroom House Plan Examples

An overhead view allows us to see how each bedroom is neatly placed in a corner of the building while an expansive floor plan occupies the rest of the house.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

This layout really creates space for the seating area as well as the TV room, which can provide a nice quiet time when needed.

Adding a few chairs to a small balcony can make it much more comfortable. This layout also has a bedroom for the servants.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Two Storey Modern Cubic House Plan With Pantry, Laundry Room, Kitchen Island, 3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths

The master bedroom in this house has its own balcony, which would be a lovely retreat in a home without much privacy.

Whether the kids have to share a room or just have a lot of friends, two double beds can help solve this situation with ease.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Each bedroom in this layout has its own area and bathroom, which is ideal for most people.

Cottage Style House Plan

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3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

A three-bedroom home can be the perfect size for many arrangements. The three bedrooms can provide separate children’s rooms, creating a comfortable space for roommates, or allow for offices and living rooms for smaller families and couples. The visualizations here show the various ways the three bedrooms can be put to good use with stylish furniture and unique layouts.

This colorful home would be ideal for music lovers, featuring two bedrooms and a spacious living area, complete with music storage and a stereo, opening onto a cozy patio. A small kitchen and an office area complete the comfortable home.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Farmhouse Style House Plan

This three-bedroom home has a purely natural aesthetic. Not only does it use neutral browns and grays throughout, it features four separate outdoor patio areas.

With a spacious design that will be perfect for roommates, this 3-bedroom home features a private bathroom for each room and a separate bathroom for guests in the front lobby. Outdoor seating areas complete this chic, modern layout.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Another three-bedroom layout from Astin Studios transforms the largest bedroom into a luxurious space with white marble floors, chat nooks and walk-in closets.

Bedroom Apartment/house Plans

Working with a smaller space than some of the other designs in this round, this three-bedroom apartment still has all the elements of a comfortable, modern home. The Jack and Jill bathroom is a perfect choice for siblings, with the master bedroom having its own bathtub and walk-in closet. The kitchen has a breakfast bar as well as a dining area.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Another three-bedroom house would be ideal for a small family in an urban environment. Two smaller bedrooms would work great for siblings. A comfortable, modern living area is spacious enough for family gatherings while windows on either side make it appear larger.

This small, three-bedroom bedroom still leaves space for a larger family, fitting siblings in a back room. The outdoor dining area with outdoor seating is perfect in warmer weather and has a private entrance from the master bedroom.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Bedroom Floor Plan With Several Outdoor Areas

Once again, outdoor space is key to this three-bedroom design. Decks run outside to either side of the home providing plenty of relaxation options, while the bedrooms are cleverly arranged to leave space for work and storage areas.

This beachfront design uses the white and green of the sea foam to instantly transport you to Cape Cod or another seaside town. His bedroom isn’t huge, but the central living area and patio leave space for ultimate relaxation.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Proving that you don’t need square footage to fit three bedrooms comfortably is this floor plan. A master bedroom with its own bath and two smaller rooms for children and guests is perfectly laid out.

Spectre Home Design

Many homeowners can overlook the luxury of built-in wardrobes, so this design makes the use of a stand-alone wardrobe stylish and practical in each of its three bedrooms.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

The simplicity of the furniture choices in this three-bedroom apartment ensures that it feels extremely spacious, while still including all the essentials, like three bathrooms, an office area, and three bathrooms. room, dining area, spacious kitchen and even a balcony.

This design acknowledges the importance of outdoor space and privacy by providing each bedroom with a separate balcony and allowing residents to retreat into their own corner, or socialize in the formal dining area. and spacious kitchen.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Modern House Design 7×11 With 3 Bedrooms

This three-bedroom apartment is bright and airy although it may lack storage with only a few small closets.

This apartment keeps the common areas separate from the bedroom, making it easy to maintain privacy when needed.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

The three-bedroom apartment with its modern, unobtrusive décor makes for the perfect corporate apartment or temporary residence for business executives.

House Plans 12.5×12 With 3 Bedrooms

White tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows make this colorful apartment the ideal beach getaway for friends or family. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and multiple balcony areas that leave plenty of space for soaking up the sun.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Each of the three bedrooms in this image has a distinct personality, from the treatment of the floor to the light-colored wall coverings, encouraging individual expression.

Careful consideration gives this three-bedroom design space for two car garages and indoor and outdoor dining areas.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

House Plans 12×11 With 3 Bedrooms Slap Roof

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If you are looking for modern house plans including architectural drawings, please see our pack of 10 plans here: Modern House Drawings Many people love the flexibility of house plans 3 bedroom. There are many configuration options, so it’s easy to make your living space exactly what you’re expecting. At Family Home Plan, we offer a variety of 3-bedroom house design options for you to choose from.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

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Elevated 3 Bedroom House Design

Houses with 3 bedrooms are a great choice for any homeowner. With a wide range of style and feature options, you’re sure to find the plan of your dreams. Here are some factors to think about as you begin your search for the perfect 3-bedroom home plan:

3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

There are many varieties when it comes to 3-bedroom homes. Some of the different factors include:

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3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Bedrooms House Plan Plot 16×17 Meter

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3 Bedroom House Floor Plans

Come here! Another bathroom renovation has begun. This is tiny! It is 900 x 2800. So you can’t move there! It has one

House Plans Plot 12×17 Meter 3 Bedrooms

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