3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

By | February 26, 2022

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan – Sometimes, arranging an interior space is really difficult no matter how big or how small the available space is. You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a particular layout that doesn’t actually work because it will be difficult to redo, especially if you’re doing drywall. Good if you just have an open layout and you let the furniture define the spaces but if you are adding permanent structures or features it will be a different story. So, today, we are going to give you a list of 3D Apartment or One Storey Three Bedroom Floor Plans to give you an idea of ​​how you can arrange your spaces.

Using 3D floor plans can be helpful whether you’re moving into a new home, building a new home, or just looking for ways to organize the space you live in. By using 3D floor plans, you can be given ideas on how you can combine different items in one space. You can also get inspiration about how you will decorate it through beautiful modern house plans. These 3D floor plans are actually hard to find but don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up 20 of these floor plans for spaces with three bedrooms. Let’s scroll down and take a look at the layouts and choose one that suits you best.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

It also has a wide open outdoor area and a cozy dining room. This three bedroom apartment is perfect for entertaining.

House Plans Idea 15×15 Meter With 3 Bedrooms

This layout makes room for a living area including a TV room so that the homeowners can spend some quiet time when needed. I love the colors used here as well as the wooden flooring in the bedrooms.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

If you want something that’s simple with neutral colors in it, this might be perfect for you. Note that this apartment has many built-in wardrobes and cupboards.

This floor plan will make you fall in love with its comfortable and spacious three bedroom apartment home that provides the distinct and unique look you deserve. It features faux wood flooring, 2-inch plantation blinds, and a high-end brushed nickel hardware and lighting package. There is also a fully equipped kitchen with granite counter tops, sleek silver appliance package, stylish tile backsplash, and under mount sink with gooseneck faucet.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

Designs Ideas For 3d Apartment Or One Storey Three Bedroom Floor Plans

This incredible floor plan will make life easier giving you more time to relax and live a comfortable life. It has a spacious living and dining area. In the master bedroom, there is also an ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet.

Just a simple design of the interior of the house with two porches that can be accessed through the bedrooms.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

So, if you have two cars and live in a one-story house or apartment, this layout is good for you. It may not be very spacious but it has everything one needs to live.

More 3 Bedroom 3d Floor Plans

What I saw here are folding glass doors that are used to connect different areas of the house. In its public area, it used an open floor plan with wooden floors.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

Apart from three bedrooms, it also has three bathrooms. It also has a laundry area that can be accessed from the kitchen. And it also has a porch.

Isn’t it wonderful? I love all the colors in this floor plan. You can see that the house is elevated with a spacious balcony. I wonder why there is a division in outer space which I don’t think is necessary.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

Bedrooms House Plan Plot 16×17 Meter

Now it is a spacious one-storey house. In addition to a two-car garage, it also has an outdoor dining area, a laundry area and built-in wardrobes for every room. I just don’t like the hallway that looks boxy.

It has five beds with two bathrooms. There seems to be a long line at shower time as there are only two bathrooms with about six people staying here.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

A simple square shaped floor plan with a small porch accessed through French doors. Because of the stairs you can see here, you can tell that this apartment is located on the top floor.

Bedroom House Plans South Africa

You could see so many colors and so many plants in this setting that it almost seemed tropical to me. Love that it has an outdoor space where one can enjoy the views and also enjoy the meal time.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

It is interesting to note that this floor plan has not only a parking area but also a path covered with pavers. You can see that there is a partition between the dining area and the living area.

This layout uses a unique look but it’s nice to know that it has walk-in wardrobes and wardrobe spaces for each bedroom. It also has a sunny porch.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

Bedroom Cottage Style Farmhouse House Plan 8778

If you are the type who likes to be outdoors, this is for you as it has a huge outdoor area. Guess it would be better if there was a swimming pool.

It also has a spacious outdoor area but I like the layout better. It may not be very spacious but it has everything one needs for a comfortable stay. The porch can be accessed from different areas of the house.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

This design has many partitions. I can tell it would look prettier if you removed some of the walls, but it looks great that way.

Hammond House Plan

Such a good arrangement, right? It is not congested and the traffic flow is really good. But I prefer the kitchen to just be in an open floor plan.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

I know what you think because I think the same. These 3D three bedroom floor plans look really cool. As for presentation purposes, these are really great. So, if you are looking for ideas on the layout of a three-bedroom apartment, what you can find in this list will help you. Just choose how you want the traffic flow of your home to work and of course it also depends on the shape, form and size of your apartment or single storey house. Were you able to choose from the floor plans above?

With a passion for writing and a mission to build as a civil engineer, she brilliantly combines both disciplines to open more windows to learning and doors to growth. Owning a home with a touch of green architecture and the simple beauty of modern minimalist interiors has been her dream. Three bedroom house plans are the most common size in many countries. In fact, according to the US Census Bureau, 3-bedroom homes make up nearly half of all new construction. In the mid-range in terms of cost, amount of land needed, and space, the 3-bedroom home offers flexibility for a variety of homeowners, singles, new couples, young families, retirees.

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

One Storey House Design

This size home is very popular as it is an ideal size for a first family home. For a new couple, extra bedrooms can be used as an office, guest room, or even rented out to one or more roommates to generate additional income. With the first child, one of the bedrooms can become a nursery. When two children are young, they can often share a room, allowing the other bedroom to be an office or guest room. And finally, with two older children, each can have their own bedroom.

Singles can appreciate a 3-bedroom home because they can rent out the extra two bedrooms to a roommate to help pay the monthly mortgage. Empty-nesters who lived in larger homes to raise children might consider a 3-bedroom home after the kids move out – two extra bedrooms give space for hobbies and a guest room for visiting friends or kids. .

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

The typical size of a 3 bedroom house plan in the US is around 2000 square feet (185 m2). In other countries, a 3-bedroom house may be quite small. Typically, a floor plan layout will include a large master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms, and 2 to 2.5 bathrooms. Recently, 3 bedroom and 3 bathroom layouts have become popular. It is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser to ensure user data remains secure. Please update to the latest version.

House Plan Id 26347, 3 Bedrooms With 3097+1540 Bricks And 119 Corrugates

House Plans For 3 Bedrooms Drawing For Small House Tv Duplex House Plans Fairy House Decor Garden

3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

This is a beautiful house plan under 201 sq.m. It has 2 baths, 3 bedrooms, a living room and a garage.

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3 Bedroom House Floor Plan

X 36 Ft 3 Bedroom Plan In 1500 Sq Ft

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3 Bedroom House Floor Plan


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