3 Basement Flooring Options Best Ideas for Your Basement

By | January 6, 2022

Many issues are needed to be thought about whenever you are planning to choose the right flooring for your basement. As we all know, this room has different conditions from the rest of the house. Humidity and condensation are just among so many other factors to carefully analyze before the decision is made.

It makes pretty varied of basement flooring options are created. We are now offered with various flooring ideas that might be suitable for our basement. Yet, it is certain that each of them has its upsides and downsides, depending on how you see them.

Smart Waterproof Basement Flooring Option to Work with Black and White Furniture

Carpet Flooring

Many people are noted to be much more interested in using carpet flooring for their basement. Their main reason is the warmth given by carpet to the whole room which can certainly make everyone in the room feel much more relaxed. Carpet is also quite affordable, not exceptionally the wall-to-wall carpets. Its durability and soundproofing characteristic intensifies the benefits of using this flooring.

Unfortunately, moisture issues in carpeted-floored basement is almost undeniable. Yet, you can use special pad that can block moisture from seeping into the carpet and even the concrete floor.

Contemporary Basement Flooring Option with Concrete Flooring to Meet Grey Painting and Furnishing

Ceramic Tile Flooring

If you wish to have long-lasting basement flooring options, then ceramic tile surely got what you need. In addition, it is pretty easy to install. Widely-varied styles and colors are also available for you to choose, so that it will be easier for you to match it with the basement’s interior theme. However, not every ceramic tile is suitable for most basements.

Since condensation possibly occurs, most of the time, it would lead to slippery floor which could be so dangerous. Therefore, if you think this one is the right choice, choose the glazed ceramic tiles with anti-slip finish. Note that ceramic tile could be the one of the best basement flooring options you can afford.

Impressive Glossy Finished Concrete Flooring with Pattern for Basement Interior

Engineered Wood Flooring

What makes this wood flooring different from other hardwood floor is on its durability. As mentioned earlier, basement flooring is vulnerable to various kinds of weather and temperature changes, from which regular wood flooring would not be so perfect. On the other hand, engineered wood offers more complex features, i.e. thin veneer layer on the solid wood and plywood backing.

Those attributes enhances the wood’s strength and durability as well, which is why it makes the more perfect option for you basement flooring.

Large Basement with Black Seating unit and Wooden Flooring Decorated with Star Ceiling Lights

Industrial Basement Interior with Wooden Flooring and Brown Leather Sofa

Natural Touches for Basement Interior with Wooden Flooring and Stone Walling

Appealing Wooden Flooring for Basement with Built in Cabinets and Seating

Fascinating Light Wood Basement Flooring to Meet White and Wood Accents of Basement Interior

Dark Brown Basement Flooring with Glossy Finishing to Meet Earthy Tone Interior

Captivating Glossy Finishing for Hardwood Look Flooring for Basement to Meet Grey Interior

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